2499+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With A

If you are looking for Muslim baby girl names starting with A on Google but are not able to find them, then here we will provide you the Islamic baby girl names in Urdu with A with meanings.

These Arabic girl names from the Quran starting with A are the best unique Muslim girl names, we hope you will love the girl names beginning with A.

Modern Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With A

AabiraعَابِرَةPassing, transient
AabrooعبروDignity, honor
AadilaعَادِلَةJust, righteous
AafaعَافَةForgiving, pardoning
AafaqآفَاقHorizons, worlds
AafiraعافرةOne who forgives
AafiyaعَافِيَةGood health, well-being
AaidaعَائِدَةReturning, visitor
AailaأيلةBeautiful, like moon
AaimaإِيْمَاءA gesture or sign
AaizaعَائِضةRespected, noble
AakifahعَاكِفَةDevoted, dedicated
AalaأَعْلىSuperior, exalted
AalifaأَلِيْفةFriendly, kind
AaliyaعاليةHigh, exalted
AamalآمالHopes, aspirations
AamilahعاملةDoer of good deeds
AaminaآمنةTrustworthy, faithful
AamirahعَامِرَةInhabiting, prosperous
AanaآناءMoments, times
AanesehانصحAdviser, counselor
AanilانيلLiving forever
AaqilahعقيلهIntelligent, wise
AaraأرىAdoring eyes
AaribahآرِبْةWise, intelligent
AarifahعَرِيفَةKnowing, knowledgeable
AarzuأرزWish, desire
AasalأصلOriginal, pure
AasemanاسمانSky, heaven
AasfaاسفةPure, sincere
AasiaآسياHopeful, eager
AasimahاسمهOne who refrains
AasiraأسيرةCaptivating, alluring
AasiyahاصيحOne who heals
AasmaاسمSky, heaven
AasmaaأسماءBeautiful names
AatifaعطيفةCompassionate, affectionate
AatifahاتفهAffectionate, kind
AatikaاتيكاGenerous, benevolent
AatikahاطيقهGenerous, charitable
AatiqأطيقFree, liberated
AatiqaعتيقةAncient, old
AatiqahاطيقهAncient, noble
AatiyaآتيةGift, present
AaweenاوينBeautiful, radiant
AayizahعايزهRespected, noble
AbaalأبالWild rose
AbaasaعباسDaughter of al-Mahdi
AbalأبلWild rose
AbanusأبنوسEbony, dark wood
AbasahعبسةDaughter of al-Mahdi
AbdaأبداWorshipper of Allah
AbdiaأبديةWorshipper of Allah
AbdiqaniبضيقنServant of the Most Gracious
AbdiyaأبديةWorshipper of Allah
AbeelaأبلةNoble, wise
AbeiraعَبِيْرَةOne who smells good
AbinusأبنوسEbony, dark wood
AbishaبيشةMeaning unknown
AblaعبلةPerfectly formed
AbnusآبنوسEbony, dark wood
AbqurahبقرهName of a place in Saudi Arabia
AbraعبرLesson, example
AbrarأبرارPious, righteous
AbreshminaأبرزهمناGlittering, shining
AbsaarأبصارVision, insight
AbtahiأبتاهPious, devout
AburahعَبُّورةPassing, crossing
AbyanأبينClear, evident
AdaأدىNoble, elegant

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