249 Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With A

If you are looking for Muslim baby girl names starting with an on google but are not able to find it, then here we will provide you the Islamic baby girl names in Urdu with A with meanings

These Arabic girl names from Quran starting with A are the best unique Muslim girl names, we hope you will love the girl names begging with a.

Muslim baby girl names starting with A

Sr. No.Muslim girl names with AMeaning
1Aa’ishahLiving, well-off, prosperous
2AabidahWorshipper, devout
3AafiyahGood health, free from illness
4AaidaVisiting, returning
5AailaBeautiful, like the moon
6AaimaLeader, chief, ruler
7AainaMirror, reflection
8AairaNoble, respectful
9AaishaLife, lively
10AakifaDevoted, dedicated
11AalaBounties, blessings
12AalimahScholar, knowledgeable person
13AaliyahHigh, exalted, noble
14AamaalHopes, aspirations
15AaminahPeaceful, safe
16AamiraImperial, abundant, prosperous
17AanisahFriendly, affectionate
18AaqilahIntelligent, wise
20AarifahKnowledgeable, acquainted
21AasiaHope, life
22AasiyahThe wife of Pharaoh
23AatiqahIndependent, free
24AayatSign, verse
25AbaqahPerfect, complete
27AbeehaHer father
28AbiaGreat, mighty
30AbirFragrance, perfume
31AblahPerfectly formed
32AbqariKnowledgeable, expert
33AbrarPious, virtuous
34AbsarVision, sight
35AbyanClear, lucid
36AdabManners, etiquette
37AdeebaCultured, refined
38AdeelaEqual, just
39AdilaEqual, just
40AdilahEqual, just
41AdiraStrong, powerful
42AdlaJustice, fairness
43AdliyahJustice, fairness
44AfafChaste, virtuous
45AfiaHealth, well-being
46AfifaChaste, virtuous
47AfifahChaste, virtuous
48AfnanBranches, twigs
49AfrahJoy, happiness
50AfreenEncouragement, praise
52AfshanAdornment, embellishment
53AfsoonCharm, spell
54AfsaProphet’s (SAW) wife
55AfsanaStory, tale
56AfsarCrown, leader
57AftabSun, sunlight

Modern Muslim Girl Names Starting With A

59AgharidSinging, melody
60AhdiaGuide, instructor
61AhlamDreams, aspirations
62AhmadiaPraiseworthy, excellent
63AhmarRed, reddish
65AidaVisiting, returning
66AidahVisiting, returning
67AilaNoble, respectful
68AilahFamily, offspring
69AimanLucky, blessed
70AinaMirror, reflection
71AinahSpring, fountain
72AiniSpring, fountain
73AishaLife, lively
74AishahLiving, well-off, prosperous
75AizaNoble, respected
76AjdaVirgin, pure
77AjerReward, compensation
78AjwaA type of date
79AkbarGreat, bigger
80AkeelaWise, intelligent
81AkeelahWise, intelligent
82AkerkeAutumn, fall
83AkiaFirst born, elder
84AkifaDevoted, dedicated
85AkilahIntelligent, wise
86AklimaIntelligent, wise
87AksaFurthermost, remote
88AkshyaEternal, indestructible
89AlaiaVirtuous, noble
90AlaiyahHigh, exalted, noble
91AlayaExalted, noble
92AlaynaExalted, noble
93AleemahScholar, knowledgeable person
94AleenaSoft, delicate
95AleezaJoyful, glad
96AleezahJoyful, glad
97AlehaDevoted, dedicated
98AleishaNoble, exalted
99AlekaDefender, protector
100AlfiyaPerfect, complete
101AlhenaA star in Gemini constellation
102AlianaNoble, exalted
103AlimaWise, learned
104AlimahScholar, knowledgeable person
105AlinaSoft, delicate
106AlishaProtected by God
107AlishbaBeautiful, pretty
108AlizaJoyful, glad
109AlizehJoyful, glad
111AlmirahPrincess, noble lady
112AmanaFaithful, trustworthy
113AmaniWishes, aspirations
114AmanullahTrust in Allah
115AmanzaStrong, determined
116AmaryllisA type of flower
117AmatullahFemale servant of Allah
118AmberJewel, precious

Arabic female names starting with A

119AmbreenSky, heaven
120AmeenaTrustworthy, faithful
121AmeenahTrustworthy, faithful
122AmenaTrustworthy, faithful
123AmeraPrincess, noble lady
124AmilaHope, aspiration
125AmilahHope, aspiration
126AmirahPrincess, noble lady
127AmiraPrincess, commander
128AmjadGlorious, excellent
129AmmaraLong-lived, immortal
130AmnaSafe, secure
131AmnahSafety, security
132AmreenSky, heaven
133AmrithaNectar, sweet
134AnaAffectionate, loving
135AnabiaDoor to heaven
136AnahPatience, endurance
137AnamBlessing, gift
138AnamtaGift, blessing
139AnamtaaGift, blessing
141AnayahCaring, affectionate
144AnisaFriendly, sociable
145AnisahFriendly, sociable
146AnishaDeep thinker, contemplative
147AnissaFriendly, sociable
148AnjumStars, constellations
149AnmolPriceless, valuable
150AnoudBrave, courageous
151AnsaLove, affection
152AnumBlessing, gift
153AnwarBright, shining
154AnwaraBright, shining
155AnyaGracious, merciful
156AqsaFurthermost, remote
157ArabelBeautiful eagle
160ArfaHigh, exalted
161ArfahHighest point, top
162ArijFragrance, scent
163ArishaHighness, nobility
164ArissaGood life, happiness
165ArjumandNoble, honorable
166ArminaNoble, exalted
167ArshiOf the throne
168ArubaLoves her husband
169ArwaFemale mountain goat

Islamic baby girl names starting with A in 2023

170AryaNoble, honorable
171AsalahPurity, sincerity
172AsalatPrayers, devotion
173AsalathPrayers, devotion
174AsbahPure, clear
175AsfiyaPure, chaste
176AshaHope, expectation
177AshiSmile, happy
178AshiaLife, living
179AshifaCure, healing
180AshikaLove, passion
181AshiqahLover, beloved
182AshiraWealthy, prosperous
183AshiyanaNest, home
184AshnaBeloved, friend
185AshwakLove, affection
186AsifaOrganizer, arranger
187AsilahNoble, pure
188AsimahProtector, guardian
189AsiyaPious, righteous
190AsiyahOne who tends to the weak
191AsliGenuine, pure
192AsmaNames, attributes
193AsmaaExcellent, highest
194AsmatHonor, dignity
195AsmiBeautiful, charming
196AsnaDevoted, pious
197AsraTravel by night
198AsrarSecrets, mysteries
199AsriModern, contemporary
200AsrinRespect, honor

A letter name for Muslim girl 2023

01AtiqaAncient, noble
202AtiyaGift, present
203AtiyahGenerosity, gift
204AtufaKind, affectionate
205AtraiPure, chaste
206AtrayuName of a great warrior
207AtyafKindness, generosity
208AuladChild, offspring
209AuliaProtector, helper
210AumBlessing, bliss
211AunSupport, help
212AunaHelp, support
213AuraSoft breeze
214AurangWisdom, understanding
215AurangzebCrown of the throne
216AuriMy light
217AusafVirtues, qualities
218AushahDeserving, worthy
219AuspiciousAuspicious, favorable
220AvishaBlessing, gift
221AwaBeautiful, pleasant
222AwaisaName of a woman companion of the Prophet (SAW)
223AwanAssistance, help
224AweinBright, shining
225AyeshaLiving, prosperous
226AymanBlessed, fortunate
227AyraRespectable, honorable
228AyshaLiving, prosperous
229AyubPatience, endurance
230AyumLucky, fortunate
231AyyanGift of God
232AyyubA prophet’s name
233AzahStrong, firm
234AzamGreat, powerful
235AzaraOffspring, lineage
236AzeezaBeloved, respected
237AzezaHonored, respected
238AzhaarFlowers, blossoms
239AzharBright, shining
240AzizaBeloved, respected

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