949+ Modern Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With H

List of Modern Muslim baby girl names starting with H with meaning. These Muslim girls’ names starting with H have beautiful meanings. Also, check out our new post on modern Muslim baby girl names.

Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With H

HameedaحمیدہPraiseworthy, commendable
HameedahحمیدہPraiseworthy, commendable
HamidaحمیدہPraiseworthy, commendable
HamidahحمیدہPraiseworthy, commendable
HamidatحمیدہPraiseworthy, commendable
HamimaحمیمہGentle, kind
HamimahحمیمہGentle, kind
HammadaہمادہPraising Allah, grateful
HammadahہمّادہPraising Allah, grateful
HammadiyyahہمّادیہPraiseworthy, commendable
HammatahہمّتہBrave, courageous
HammudahہمودہPraiseworthy, commendable
HammuzahہموزہPraising Allah, grateful
HamnaہمنہPurple, a variety of grape
HamnahہمنہPurple, a variety of grape
HamrazہمرازOne who brings happiness
HamtaہمتہGolden, precious
HamyaaہمیاA girl with big beautiful eyes
HamziyyahہمزیہAdmirable, praiseworthy
HanaہناHappiness, bliss
HanaaہناHappiness, bliss
HanadiہنادیHappy, joyful
HananہنانCompassionate, kind
HananeہنانےAffectionate, loving
HaneefحنیفTrue believer in monotheism, pure
HaneefaحنیفہTrue believer in monotheism, pure
HaneefahحنیفہTrue believer in monotheism, pure
HaneenحنینLonging, yearning
HanfaہنفاKindness, compassion
HanfaaہنفاKindness, compassion
HangamaہنگامہUproar, commotion
HaniہانیHappy, delighted
HaniaہانیہDelightful, happy
HaniahہانیہDelightful, happy
HanifaحنیفہTrue believer in monotheism, pure
HanifaaحنیفہTrue believer in monotheism, pure
HanifahحنیفہTrue believer in monotheism, pure
HanifiyyahحنیفیہTrue believer in monotheism, pure
HaninہنینLonging, yearning
HanitaہانیتہHappy, delighted
HaniyaہانیہHappy, delighted
HaniyahہانیہHappy, delighted
HaniyyaہانیہHappy, delighted
HaniyyahہانیہHappy, delighted
HannaہناHappiness, bliss
HannahہناHappiness, bliss
HannanahہنّانہCompassionate, kind
HannufahہنّوفہGenerous, kind
HanoonہنونCompassionate, kind
HanoonaہنونہCompassionate, kind
HansaaہنساSwan, beautiful
HantamaہنتمہWise, discerning
HanunahہننہAffectionate, loving
HanwaہنواSympathetic, affectionate
HanyahہنیہDelighted, happy
HanzalahہنظلہThe name of a Sahabi (companion of Prophet Muhammad)
HaolaہاؤلاFruitful, productive
HaqqaatحقّاتRighteousness, truthfulness
HarayirحریرSilken, soft
HareerحریرSilken, soft
HarikaحریکہBeautiful, lively
HarisaحریصہGuarded, protected
HarisahحریصہGuarded, protected
HarithaحارثہCultivator, plowman
HarmalahہرمالہName of a plant
HaroonaہارونہName of a Prophet (Aaron in English)
HarzحرضDesire, wish
HarzanahحرزانہA woman who earns good
HasanaحسنہBeautiful, good
HasanaaحسناءBeautiful, good
HaseemahحسیمہDecisive, firm
HaseenaحسینہBeautiful, graceful
HaseenahحسینہBeautiful, graceful
HashimahہاشمہGenerous, name of the Prophet’s grandfather
HasibaحسیبہRespected, noble
HasibahحسیبہRespected, noble
HasifaحسیفہElegant, graceful
HasifahحسیفہElegant, graceful
HasinaحسینہBeautiful, graceful
HasinahحسینہBeautiful, graceful
HasisahحسیسہDelightful, joyful
HasnaحسناBeautiful, charming
HasnaaحسناBeautiful, charming
HasnaatحسناتGood deeds, virtues
HasnahحسنہBeautiful, lovely
HasnatحسناتGood deeds, virtues
HasnawحسناءBeautiful, good
HassanaحسّانہBeautiful, virtuous

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