999+ Modern Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With N 2024

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern Muslim name, Muslim baby boy names starting with N offer a range of options.

Some popular Muslim names beginning with N include Nabil, which means “smart” or “intelligent,” Nadir, which means “rare” or “unique,” and Nasir, which means “helper” or “protector.” The meanings behind these names often have significant religious and cultural symbolism.

Muslim boy names starting with N 2024

NaadhirناذرPious, Unique
NaadiiناضیCaller, Announcer
NaadimنادمRepentant, Regretful
NaadirنادرRare, Precious
NaafiنافعBeneficial, Profitable
NaafilنافلAdditional, Supererogatory
NaahilناحلA person with wisdom and intellect
NaaibنائبDeputy, Representative
NaaifنائفExalted, Gracious
NaailناعلAcquirer, Earner
NaaimناعمPeaceful, Tranquil
NaajiناجیSavior, Deliverer
NaajidناجدOne who worships Allah sincerely
NaajihناجحSuccessful, Prosperous
NaajyناجیSaved, Delivered
NaamanنعمانBenevolent, Kind
NaaqidناقدCritical, Censurer
NaasahناساہAdvisor, Counselor
NaaseناسےOne who brings together
NaashaadناشادHappy, Pleased
NaashihناشحOne who brings good tidings
NaashirناشرDistributor, Disseminator
NaashwanناشوانEnergetic, Active
NaasiناصیRepentant, Seeking forgiveness
NaasiefناصفJust, Fair
NaasifناسفJust, Equitable
NaasihناسیہAdvisor, Counselor
NaasikناسکDevotee, Worshipper
NaasirناصرHelper, Supporter
Naasir-ud-dolahناصر الدولہHelper of the state
Naasir-uddinناصر الدینHelper of the religion
Naasir-ul-islamناصر الاسلامHelper of Islam
NaaswanناصوانEnergetic, Active
NaathimناثمOne who restrains himself
NaatiqناطقEloquent, Fluent
NaayaabنایابRare, Precious
NaayelنائلAcquirer, Earner
NaazنازPride, Elegance
NaazeerناظیرRare, Precious
NaazhimناظمOrganizer, Arranger
NaaziنازیPride, Elegance
NaazilنازلCauser of pride, Sublime
NaazimناظمOrganizer, Coordinator
NaazinنازنProud, Elegant
NaazirناظرObserver, Supervisor
NaazishنازشCherished, Delight
NabaنباNews, Announcement
NababنبابNoble, Gentleman
NabawiنبویProphetic, Related to the Prophet
NabayilنبیلNoble, Generous
NabazنبازNoble, Distinguished
NabealنبیلNoble, Generous
NabedنابدNoble, Outstanding
NabeedنبیدBring together, Unite
NabeehنبیہIntelligent, Wise
NabeelنبیلNoble, Generous
NabeerنبیرNoble, Distinguished
NabeesنبیسIntelligent, Wise
NabehنبہProphet, Messenger
NabeilنبیلNoble, Generous
NabhaanنبہانNoble, Generous
NabhanنبہانNoble, Outstanding
NabhiنبہیProphet, Messenger
Nabi-bakhshنبی بخشGiver of Prophethood
NabiBuxنبی بخشGiver of Prophethood
NabidنابیدNoble, Outstanding
NabielنبیلNoble, Generous
NabighنبیغGenius, Intellectual
NabighahنبیغہGenius, Intellectual
NabihنابہNoble, Outstanding
NabihaنبیہIntelligent, Wise
NabihiنبیہIntelligent, Wise
NabilنبیلNoble, Generous
NabillنبیلNoble, Generous
NabinنبینVisionary, Perceptive
NabirنابیرNoble, Outstanding
Nabirulنابیر الNoble, Outstanding
NabisabنبیصابGiver of Prophethood
NabitنابتPlant, Growth

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