Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with V with Meaning

Looking for Muslim baby boy names that start with V? Explore a list of Islamic names for boys beginning with V. You’ll find both timeless names like Vaseem (meaning handsome) and contemporary choices like Vafa (meaning loyalty). Each name has a meaningful essence.

Modern Muslim baby boy names starting with V

VafaوفاFaithful, Loyal
VafiوفیComplete, Perfect
VafidوافدOne who Increases
VahabوہابGiver, Bestower of Gifts
VaheedواحدUnique, Singular
VahibواہبBestower, Donor
VahidواحدUnique, Singular
Vahidullahواحد اللہUnique to Allah, One of a Kind
VaidواعدPromiser, One who Keeps Promises
VajahatوجاہتDignity, Greatness
VajidواجدFinder, Discoverer
VajitواجتVictorious, Conqueror
VakarوقارDignity, Respect
VakilوکیلRepresentative, Advocate
ValithوالثEloquent Speaker
Valiuddinولی الدینDefender of the Faith
ValliولیFriend, Companion
VaqifواقفKnowledgeable, Acquainted
VaquarوقارDignity, Respect
VaradhuورادہGift, Present
VarshasbورشاسبThe Warrior
VaseemوسیمHandsome, Gracious
Vaseeullaوسیل اللہMeans of Allah’s Blessing
VashimواشمHandsome, Attractive
VasimوسیمHandsome, Gracious
Vasiuddinوسیع الدینBroad-minded, Extensive in Religion
VaspanواسپانShield, Protector
VazeedوزیدIncreasing, Growing
VazeemوزیمGreat, Mighty
VazeerوزیرMinister, Official
VazhuthiوزھوتھیHonesty, Integrity
VazidوازدAbundant, Increasing
VazirوزیرMinister, Official
VeehanویہانIntelligent, Knowledgeable
VeerazویرازBrave, Courageous
VehanوہانIntelligent, Knowledgeable
VianویانFull of Life, Lively
VidishودیشLord of Knowledge
VidunویدنLoving, Affectionate
VihanوہانIntelligent, Knowledgeable
VijinوجینConqueror, Victorious
VikharathوخارتHonor, Dignity
VikraahmوکرامNoble, Generous
VilayathولایتAuthority, Power
VimeshویمیشFearless, Brave
ViqaasوقاصDistributor, Divider
ViqarوقارDignity, Honor
ViraazویرازGlorious, Respected
VishtasbوشتسبThe Greatest Fortune
VizarathوضعرتPower, Authority

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