900+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With K

Choosing modern Muslim baby boy names starting with k is highly complicated. So here we have listed unique Islamic boy names starting with K.

Modern Muslim baby boy names starting with K 2024

KaabکعبCube, a place near the Kaaba in Mecca
KaabirکبیرGreat, powerful
KaadihکادیحPowerful, one who possesses strength
KaamilکاملPerfect, complete
KaarimکریمGenerous, noble
KaashifکاشفRevealer, discoverer
KaazhimکاظمRestrainer, one who controls his anger
KabکابFame, honor
KabeerکبیرGreat, big
KabirکبیرThe great one
KadarقدرValue, worth
KaddourقدورStrong, powerful
KadeemقدیمAncient, old
KadeenقدینFaithful, obedient
KadeerقدیرRare, precious
KaderقادرPowerful, capable
KadinقادینFriend, companion
KadirقادرCapable, competent
KadriقادریOf divine nature, competent
KafalatکفالتResponsibility, guardianship
KafeelکفیلGuardian, responsible person
KafiکافیSufficient, enough
KafilکفیلSponsor, guarantor
KahalکہلYoung, not aged
KahilکاہلFriend, lover
KahillکاہلA type of perfume
KahulکاہلEasy, comfortable
KaifکیفState of joy and pleasure
KaifiکیفیJoyful, happy
KaimقائمStrong, stable
KaiqadقائدLeader, commander
KaisanقیسانWise, judicious
KajjiکجیAn authority of Hadith
KalaکلاArtisan, skilled person
KalaamکلامSpeech, conversation
KalamقلمPen, speech
Kalamuddinکلام الدینSpeech of religion
KalanکلنTall, towering
KalbiکلبیOf the heart, related to the heart
KaleelکلیلFriend, intimate companion
KaleemکلیمSpeaker, talker
KaleemaکلیمہSpeaker, one who communicates
KalilکلیلGood friend, close companion
KalimکلیمSpeaker, talker
Kalim-ud-dinکلیم الدینSpeaker of religion
Kalimullahکلیم اللہSpeaker of Allah
KaliqخالقCreator, one who shapes and fashions
KamalکمالPerfection, excellence
KamaliکمالیPerfect, complete
Kamaluddeenکمال الدینPerfection of religion
Kamaluddinکمال الدینPerfection of religion
KameelکمیلPerfect, complete
KamilکاملPerfect, complete
KamilanکاملانPerfect, complete
KamishکمشBeautiful, attractive
KamlanکملانPerfect, complete
KamranکامرانSuccessful, fortunate
KamshadکمشادHappy, fortunate
KamushکمشThe sun
KanzکنزTreasure, wealth
Kanzuddinکنز الدینTreasure of religion
KaraamatکرامتMiracle, supernatural event
KaramکرمGenerosity, kindness
KaramatکرامتMiracle, supernatural event
Karamullahکرم اللہThe generosity of Allah
KarawanکاروانCaravan, group of travelers
KardarقردارRuler, leader
KareemکریمGenerous, noble
KarifکارفOne who is very generous
KarimکریمGenerous, noble

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