Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with D with Meaning

Venture into the realm of Hindu baby boy names starting with D. Our collection includes meaningful names like Dev, Dhruv, and Darshan, each carrying profound significance.

Modern Hindu baby boy names starting with D

DarshalLord Krishna; Perceiver of the divine
DarshanSight; Vision; View
DarshanaObserving; Seeing; Philosophy
DarshanamVision; Visual
DarshanbirBrave like a vision
DarshangeetVisionary song
DarshanikObserver; Visionary
DarshanlalBeloved one seen through vision
DarshatOne who sees; Visionary
DarsheelPerfection in seeing
DarsheetSomeone who is seen clearly
DarshiOne who sees; Visionary
DarshikOne who perceives the vision
DarshilPerceiver; Visionary
DarshindraLord of perception
DarshiqUnique Vision; Insightful
DarshishBlessing of perception
DarshitSeen; Visionary
DarshithViewer; One who sees clearly
DarshnVision; Eyesight
DarshwanaWitness; The one who sees all
DarsitOne who has seen; Experienced
DaruCharming; Beautiful
DarukCharioteer of Lord Shiva
DarukaDeodar tree
DarunCompassionate; Soft-hearted
DarunaHard; Cruel
DaruyatLustrous; Shining
DarveshDevotee; Religious ascetic
DarwinDear friend
DaryapurkarResident of a place near the sea
DaryushHe who holds firm to good conscience
DasServant; Devotee
DasaServant; Devotee
DasabahuPossessed of ten arms (as in Lord Rama)
DasaketuLord Rama
DasanDevotee; Servant
DasappanDevotee of Lord Ayyappa
DasaradA tree with fragrant flowers
DasaradanSon of King Dasharatha (Lord Rama)
DasaradhThe charioteer of Lord Rama
DasarajaBorn in the country of the ten kings
DasaradhanLord Rama
DasariStudent of the Vedas
DasarmeyuSon of Vasudeva and Devaki
DasarnaDestroyer of enemies
DashTen; Group of ten
DashabahaveLord of the ten directions
DashabahuPossessed of ten arms (as in Lord Rama)
DashabalaWith ten strengths
Dashagreeva ShiroharaSlayer of the ten-headed demon (Lord Rama)
DashagreevakulantakaSlayer of the ten-headed demon (Lord Rama)
DashamayaSource of the ten senses
DashanRuler of the ten directions
DashananTen-headed (referring to Ravana)
DashangTen parts
DashanthDestroyer of ten
DasharatFather of Lord Rama; Charioteer of King Dasharatha
DasharathThe charioteer of Lord Rama
DasharathaFather of Lord Rama; Charioteer of King Dasharatha
DasharatheeThe charioteer of Lord Rama
DashasavaOne who drinks ten nectars
DashasheeshaOne with ten heads
DashbahuPossessed of ten arms (as in Lord Rama)
DasheeDevotee; Servant
DashikTen; Group of ten
DashjyotishIlluminating the ten directions
DashrathThe charioteer of Lord Rama
DashrathiSon of Dasharatha (Lord Rama)
DashuDevotee; Servant
DashvanthPossessed of ten attributes
DasmayaThe Sun
DasondaThe Sun
DasrasA sage; Who has the ten secrets
DasrathThe Sun
DassServant; Devotee
DasuDevotee; Servant
DasvinThe Sun
DaswanthThe Sun
DasyaDevotee; Servant
DatakGreat kindness
DatarOne who gives
DathusanSun; Intelligent
DatlaThe Sun
DatrimThe Sun

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