Modern Muslim Baby Boy’s Name with Meaning

Here we brought the modern Muslim baby boy names with meaning for you. These are the most trending Muslim boy names.

Hope you will love these modern Muslim names for boys, like Ahil, Shadan, Rabah, Zain, etc.

Muslim baby boy names with meaning

  1. Aaban: Name of the Angel of Iron
  2. Aadam: The name of the first man
  3. Aahil: Prince, Ruler
  4. Aalam: World
  5. Aalee: Sublime, High
  6. Aamir: Prosperous, Full of life
  7. Aaqil: Intelligent, Smart
  8. Aarib: Handsome
  9. Aarif: Knowing, Knowledgeable
  10. Aariz: Respectable man
  11. Aashir: Living
  12. Aatif: Kind, Affectionate
  13. Abaan: Old Arabic name
  14. Aban: Old Arabic name
  15. Abbas: Stern, Serious
  16. Abdal: Servant of Allah
  17. Abdul: Servant of Allah
  18. Abdul-Aleem: Servant of the All-knowing
  19. Abdul-Aziz: Servant of the Mighty One
  20. Abdul-Baari: Servant of the Creator
  21. Abdul-Baasit: Servant of the Extender
  22. Abdul-Ghaffar: Servant of the Forgiver
  23. Abdul-Hadi: Servant of the Guide
  24. Abdul-Hafiz: Servant of the Protector
  25. Abdul-Hakam: Servant of the Arbitrator
  26. Abdul-Hakeem: Servant of the Wise
  27. Abdul-Haleem: Servant of the Forbearing
  28. Abdul-Hameed: Servant of the Praiseworthy
  29. Abdul-Hamid: Servant of the All-Praiseworthy
  30. Abdul-Jabbar: Servant of the Compeller
  31. Abdul-Jaleel: Servant of the Sublime One
  32. Abdul-Kareem: Servant of the Generous
  33. Abdul-Khaliq: Servant of the Creator
  34. Abdul-Lateef: Servant of the Kind
  35. Abdul-Majeed: Servant of the Most Glorious
  36. Abdul-Malik: Servant of the King
  37. Abdul-Muhaimin: Servant of the Guardian
  38. Abdul-Mujeeb: Servant of the Responsive
  39. Abdul-Mumin: Servant of the Guardian
  40. Abdul-Muqtadir: Servant of the Powerful
  41. Abdul-Musawwir: Servant of the Fashioner
  42. Abdul-Qadir: Servant of the Capable
  43. Abdul-Qahar: Servant of the Subduer
  44. Abdul-Rahim: Servant of the Compassionate
  45. Abdul-Rahman: Servant of the Merciful
  46. Abdul-Rashid: Servant of the Rightly-Guided
  47. Abdul-Salaam: Servant of the Peaceful
  48. Abdul-Samad: Servant of the Eternal
  49. Abdul-Wahab: Servant of the Giver
  50. Abdullah: Servant of Allah
  51. Abdur-Raheem: Servant of the Merciful
  52. Abdur-Rahman: Servant of the Merciful
  53. Abu-Bakr: Name of one of Muhammad’s companions
  54. Adil: Just, Fair
  55. Adnan: Old Arabic name
  56. Afif: Chaste, Modest
  57. Ahmad: Most commendable, Most praiseworthy
  58. Ahmar: Red
  59. Ahsan: Best, Most Beautiful
  60. Aiman: Fearless, Brave
  61. Ameer: Prince, Leader
  62. Amir: Prosperous, Commander

Modern Islamic Baby Boy Names 2023

As Muslims, we always searching for better modern Islamic baby boy names that have a better meaning according to Islam.

  1. Anas: Friend, Companion
  2. Anwar: Bright, Shining
  3. Arham: Merciful
  4. Arif: Knowledgeable, Wise
  5. Arman: Desire, Wish
  6. Asad: Lion
  7. Ashraf: Most honorable, Noblest
  8. Asif: Forgiving, Kind
  9. Asim: Protector, Guardian
  10. Aslam: Peaceful, Safe
  11. Atif: Sympathetic, Compassionate
  12. Atiq: Ancient, Noble
  13. Aun: Help, Assistance
  14. Ayaan: Gift of God
  15. Ayyub: Job, A prophet of Allah
  16. Azhar: Bright, Luminous
  17. Azim: Great, Grand
  18. Azlan: Lion
  19. Azmat: Dignity, Majesty
  20. Babar: Lion
  21. Bahadur: Brave, Heroic
  22. Bakr: Camel, Name of a companion of Prophet Muhammad
  23. Barakah: Blessing
  24. Basim: Smiling, Happy
  25. Bilal: Name of the Prophet’s companion
  26. Burhan: Proof, Evidence
  27. Daanish: Knowledge, Wisdom
  28. Daniyal: Prophet Daniel
  29. Daud: Prophet David
  30. Dawood: Prophet David
  31. Diya: Lamp, Light
  32. Ejaz: Miracle, Wonders
  33. Eshan: Desiring, Longing
  34. Faisal: Decisive, Judge
  35. Farhan: Happy, Joyful
  36. Farooq: Distinguisher between truth and false
  37. Farukh: Happy, Joyful
  38. Fazl: Favor, Grace
  39. Feroz: Victorious, Successful
  40. Ghalib: Dominant, Conqueror
  41. Ghazi: Conqueror, Warrior
  42. Ghulam: Slave, Servant
  43. Hadi: Guide, Leader
  44. Haider: Lion, Brave
  45. Hakeem: Wise, Healer
  46. Hamza: Lion, Uncle of Prophet Muhammad
  47. Hanif: True believer, Monotheistic
  48. Haris: Watchman, Protector
  49. Haroon: Aaron, Prophet Moses’ brother
  50. Hasan: Handsome, Good
  51. Hashim: Generous, Brave
  52. Hashir: Collector, Assembler
  53. Haytham: Lion
  54. Hisham: Generosity, Cheerfulness
  55. Hussain: Handsome, Good
  56. Ibraheem: Prophet Abraham
  57. Idris: Prophet Enoch
  58. Ihsan: Goodness, Excellence
  59. Ilyas: Prophet Elijah
  60. Imran: Prophet Moses’ father
  61. Inaam: Kindness, Favor
  62. Inayat: Kindness, Care
  63. Intisar: Victory, Triumph
  64. Irfan: Knowledge, Wisdom
  65. Isa: Prophet Jesus
  66. Ismail: Prophet Ishmael
  67. Jaafar: Rivulet, Small river
  68. Jabir: Consoler, Comforter
  69. Jaleel: Great, Magnificent
  70. Jameel: Beautiful, Handsome
  71. Jawad: Generous, Munificent
  72. Jibran: Prophet Gabriel
  73. Junaid: Soldier, Warrior
  74. Kabir: Great, Grand
  75. Kafeel

Unique Muslim boy names with meaning 2023

Choosing unique Muslim boy names is not a tough job for us but choosing top Muslim boy names from thousands of lists is not so easy.

  1. Kahil: Friend, Lover
  2. Kalim: Speaker, Conversationalist
  3. Kamal: Perfection, Excellence
  4. Kareem: Generous, Noble
  5. Karim: Kind, Generous
  6. Kashif: Revealer, Discoverer
  7. Kausar: River in paradise, Abundance
  8. Khair: Goodness, Blessing
  9. Khalid: Eternal, Immortal
  10. Khalil: Best friend, Companion
  11. Khubaib: Quick, Swift
  12. Khurram: Cheerful, Happy
  13. Khushal: Prosperous, Successful
  14. Laith: Lion
  15. Luqman: A wise man mentioned in the Quran
  16. Maajid: Glorious, Noble
  17. Maaz: Refuge, Shelter
  18. Mahdi: Guided to the right path
  19. Mahmood: Praised, Commended
  20. Majid: Glorious, Honorable
  21. Malik: King, Master
  22. Mansoor: Victorious, Successful
  23. Masood: Happy, Fortunate
  24. Masoud: Happy, Fortunate
  25. Mateen: Firm, Strong
  26. Mazhar: Appearance, Manifestation
  27. Mehdi: Guided to the right path
  28. Mika’il: Angel Michael
  29. Mirza: Prince, Ruler
  30. Moazzam: Respected, Honored
  31. Moiz: Honored, Respected
  32. Mohsin: Benevolent, Charitable
  33. Mukarram: Honored, Esteemed
  34. Munir: Bright, Shining
  35. Musa: Prophet Moses
  36. Mustafa: Chosen, Preferred
  37. Mutahir: Pure, Clean
  38. Nadim: Friend, Companion
  39. Naeem: Blessing, Comfort
  40. Nahid: Elevated, Distinguished
  41. Najeeb: Noble, Generous
  42. Naseem: Breeze, Wind
  43. Nasir: Helper, Protector
  44. Naveed: Good news, Glad tidings
  45. Nawaz: One who shows kindness and favors
  46. Noman: Men with all blessings of Allah
  47. Nouman: Men with all blessings of Allah
  48. Nuh: Prophet Noah
  49. Obaid: Small servant
  50. Omair: Long-living, Flourishing
  51. Osman: Slave of God
  52. Owais: A name of a Muslim who was a companion of Prophet Muhammad
  53. Qais: Lover, Desirous
  54. Qasim: Distributor, Divider
  55. Qays: Firm, Strong
  56. Qudrat: Ability, Power
  57. Qusay: Distant, Far
  58. Raahil: Traveler, Messenger
  59. Rafee: High, Exalted
  60. Rais: Leader, Chief
  61. Raja: Hope, Wish
  62. Rameez: Symbolic, Exemplary.

Top 100 Muslim boy names 2023

RaheelOne who travels
RahimKind, Compassionate
RamzanNinth month of Islamic calendar
RashidWise, Rightly Guided
RazaContentment, Satisfaction
RizwanAcceptance, Good will
SaadHappiness, Bliss
SaifSword, Warrior
SalmanSafe, Secure
SamiHigh, Exalted, Noble
SanaullahWorshipper of Allah
SaqibShining Star
SarimBrave, Lionhearted
SaudFelicitation, Auspicious
SayyidMaster, Chief
ShaanPride, Dignity
ShafiqCompassionate, Kind
ShahbazRoyal falcon
ShahidWitness, Martyr
ShahrukhFace of the King
ShakirThankful, Grateful
ShamimFragrant, Aromatic
SharifHonorable, Distinguished
ShaukatDignity, Prestige
ShoaibA prophet’s name
SohaibName of a companion of Prophet Muhammad
SubhanGlorious, Exalted
SufyanName of a companion of Prophet Muhammad
SuhaibName of a companion of Prophet Muhammad
SultanKing, Ruler
TahirPure, Clean
TalhaKind of tree, Sahabi’s name
TamimGenerous, Honest
TariqMorning star, Night-comer
UbaidServant of God
UmarLife, Longevity
UsmanBaby Bustard bird, Slave of God
UthmanBaby Bustard bird, Slave of God
WaqarRespect, Dignity
WaseemHandsome, Good-looking
WasiGuardian, Confidant
YahyaA prophet’s name
YameenOath, Pledge
YasinOne of the names of the Prophet Muhammad
YousufA prophet’s name
YusufA prophet’s name
ZahidDevout, Ascetic
ZakariyaA prophet’s name
ZakiPure, Chaste
ZayanBright, Shining
ZiadAbundance, Growth
ZishanDecoration, Ornament
ZohaibLeader, King
ZulfiqarSword of Ali

Muslim boy names A to Z 2023

Muslim boy names a to zMeaning
ArhamMerciful, Compassionate
ArifKnowledgeable, Skilled
AshrafMost honorable
AsifForgiving, Grateful
AtifCompassionate, Affectionate
AzharShining, Brightness
BadarFull Moon
BashirBringer of Good Tidings
DawoodBeloved, a prophet’s name
FahadPanther, Lynx
FaisalJudge, Arbiter
FarhanHappy, Joyful
FarooqOne who distinguishes truth from falsehood
FawadHeart, Mind
GhaziConqueror, Champion
HabibBeloved, Darling
HadiGuide, Leader
HafizGuardian, Protector
HamidPraised, Commended
HasanGood-looking, Handsome
HussainHandsome, Beautiful
IbraheemProphet Abraham
IdrisA prophet’s name
ImranA prophet’s name, Prosperity
IqbalProsperity, Glory
IsaJesus, a prophet’s name
IsmailA prophet’s name
JabirConsoler, Comforter
JahangirWorld conqueror, King of the world
JavedEternal, Immortal
JunaidSoldier, Warrior
KaramGenerosity, Kindness
KhalidEternal, Immortal
KhurramCheerful, Merry
LuqmanA prophet’s name
MahdiGuided to the right path
MajidGlorious, Noble
MoinHelper, Supporter
MuhammedPraised, Commended
MustafaChosen, Preferred
NadeemCompanion, Friend
NaeemComfort, Ease
NasirHelper, Protector
NawazKind, Loving
NomanMen with all blessings, Successful
OmarLife, Longevity
QasimDistributor, Divider
RaufCompassionate, Merciful
RayanWatered, Luxuriant
RiazGarden, Meadow
RizwanAcceptance, Goodwill
SaadHappy, Lucky
SabirPatient, Enduring
SadiqTruthful, Sincere
SaifSword, Weapon
SalahRighteousness, Piety
SalmanSecure, Safe
SamiElevated, Exalted
SarfarazKing, Ruler
ShahbazRoyal Falcon
ShahidWitness, Martyr
ShahzadPrince, Son of a king
ShakeelHandsome, Comely
ShoaibA prophet’s name
TahirPure, Chaste
TalhaYoung Tree, A Companions name
TariqMorning Star, Nightcomer
UmarLongevity, Life
UsmanTrustworthy, Honest
UzairA prophet’s name
WaqarDignity, Self-Respect
WaseemGraceful, Handsome
YasirWealthy, Rich
YousufA prophet’s name
YusufA prophet’s name
ZafarVictory, Triumph
ZaidAbundance, Growth, Increase
ZainBeauty, Adornment
ZakiPure, Virtuous
ZakirRemembrance, Mentioner
ZameerConscience, Heart
ZiaLight, Splendor
ZiyadAbundance, Growth, Progress
ZohaibLeader, Shining Star
ZubairStrong, Courageous
ZulfiqarSword of Ali, a symbol of the Islamic faith

  Note; Please ask your local Molvi for better meaning

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