301+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with W with Meaning

Searching for Muslim baby boy names that start with W? Explore a list of Islamic names for boys beginning with W. You’ll find both classic names like Wahid (meaning unique) and modern Muslim boy name options like Wali (meaning friend or guardian). Each Quranic name has its special meaning.

Modern Muslim baby names starting with W

WaafidوافدOne who gives
WaahibواہبGiver, generous
WaahidواحدOne, unique
WaajidواجدFinder, one who finds
WaamiqوامقLoving, affectionate
WaaqifواقفAcquainted, aware
WaaridواردComing, arriving
WaarithوارثInheritor, heir
WaaseyواسعCapacious, ample
WaashifواشفWise, judicious
WaasiواسعWide, spacious
WaasifواصفDescriber, teller
WaasilواصلInseparable, close
WaasimواسمHandsome, graceful
WaasiqواصقConfident, sure
WaathiqواثقConfident, firm
WaatiqواتقPious, devout
WaayelوائلComing, arriving
WaaziوازیA man who gives
WabilوابلA man who repents
WabisahوابصہA man who is loving
WablوبلA man who is great
WadودA man who loves
WadaanودانA man who is loyal
WaddaوداA man who is friendly
WaddaahوداحA man who is bright
WaddahودہA man who is radiant
WaddeenوددینA man who is religious
WaddoodودودA man who is loving
WadeeودیA man who is gentle
WadeedودیدA man who is unique
WadeiودیعA man who is loyal
WadhdhaahوذحہA man who is wise
WadiوادیA man who is calm
WadiaوادیہA man who is gentle
WadidودیدA man who is beloved
WadihواضحA man who is clear
WadiiودیA man who is friendly
WadoodودودA man who is loving
WadudودودA man who is affectionate
WaduudودودA man who is loving
WaeedوائدA man who is promise
WaelوائلA man who is coming
WaelsوائلزA man who is coming
WafوافA man who is loyal
WafaوفاA man who is loyal
WafaaiوفائیA man who is loyal
WafadarوفادارA man who is faithful
WafaeوفائےA man who is loyal
WafaeeوفائیA man who is loyal
WafaiوفائیA man who is loyal
WafaqatوفاقتA man who is successful
WafeeوفیA man who is loyal
WafeeqوفیقA man who is successful
WafeerوفیرA man who is abundant
WaffanوافنA man who is successful
WafiوفیA man who is loyal
WaficوافیکA man who is loyal
WafidوافیدA man who is giving
WafieوافیےA man who is loyal
WafiiوفیA man who is loyal
WafikوفیکA man who is loyal
WafiqوفیقA man who is successful
WafiyyوفیےA man who is loyal
WagihواجحA man who is generous
WahaabوہابGiver, Bestower of gifts
WahaadواحدUnique, One
WahabوہابGenerous, Bestower of gifts

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