Modern Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With B 2023

Below is the collection of modern Muslim baby girl names starting with B. The Muslim names for girls starting with B are the most lovely Muslim girl names on the internet.

Modern Muslim baby girl names starting with B

Sr. No.Muslim girl names with BMeaning
1BahiraDazzling, brilliant
2BahiyaBeautiful, radiant
3BatulVirgin, pure
4BismaSmiling, polite
5BarihaGlittering, shining
6BaizaWhite, bright
7BakhtawarFortunate, lucky
8BushraGood news, glad tidings
9BinaUnderstanding, insight
10ButhaynahOf beautiful and tender body
11BanafshehA flower in Persian
12BananFinger tips
13BadeeahAdmirable, unique
14BakhitaLucky, fortunate
15BasmahA smile
16BisharahJoy, happiness
17ButhaynaOf a beautiful and tender body
18BuhairaShining, radiant
19BasmahA smile
21BatoolA virgin
22ButhainaOf beautiful and tender body
23BahiyyaRadiant, beautiful
24BashairGood tidings, happy news
25BasheeraBringer of good news
26BaheeraDazzling, brilliant
27BasirahInsightful, perceptive
28BarirahFaithful, devoted
29BahiyyahBeautiful, radiant
30BahirahDazzling, brilliant
31BarakahBlessing, prosperity
32BariyahExcelling, eminent
33BashirahBringer of good news
34BatrisyiaJoyful, happy
35BatrisyaJoyful, happy
36BatulahVirgin, pure
37BatyraStrong, powerful
38BayanClear, eloquent
39BazighaShining, radiant
40BerinaPious, sincere
41BerinPious, sincere
42BismaaA smile
43BorshaRainy season
44BadihaInsightful, perceptive

Islamic baby girl names that start with B

Sr. No.Islamic girl names with BMeaning
47BakhtFortune, luck
48BakhtawaraFortunate, lucky
49BalqisQueen of Sheba
52BariExcelling, eminent
53BasaamahOne who smiles
54BasairInsight, perception
56BashirBringer of good news
57Batul-ul-AinA virgin
58BaydaFair, white
59BayyinahClear, evident
60BeenaSeeing, clear sighted
61BenazirUnique, matchless
62BibiLady, woman
63BilqisQueen of Sheba
64BinaaConstructing, building
65BirgulRose with leaves
67BismaPolite, obedient
68BissanSweet-scented plant
69BudoorFull moon
70BudurFull moons
72ButhainahOf beautiful and tender body
73ButoolAscetic, devoted
74BuzalaName of a companion of the Prophet (PBUH)
75BadarFull moon, the night of the full moon
76BadiahUnique, beautiful
77BadiyahUninhabited land, desert
78BaharSea, ocean
79BahatiLucky, fortunate
80BaidaBright, clear, white
81BaidahSighted, visible
82BakhtawarLucky, fortunate
83BalsamBalm, fragrant oil
84BalqeesQueen of Sheba
85BarakahBlessing, prosperity
86BareerahPious, devoted
87BarihaGlittering, shining
88BasaerInsight, wisdom
90BasheeraBringer of good news
92BasirInsightful, perceptive
93BatoolVirgin, pure

Muslim baby girl names starting with B

Sr. No.Muslim girl names starting with BMeaning
94BayanClear, eloquent
95BayyinahClear, evident
96BehijaBeautiful, radiant
97BeizaClever, intelligent
99BilqeesaQueen of Sheba
100BisaratGood news, glad tidings
101BolourCrystal, Brilliant
102BushraGood news, glad tidings
103BahijaJoyful, happy
104BahiraDazzling, brilliant
105BahiyahBeautiful, radiant
106BahiyyaBeautiful, radiant
107BakhtawarFortunate, lucky
108BakuraEarly morning
109BalighaEloquent, well-spoken
110BaraaPurity, innocence
112BarirahFaithful, devoted
113BasemahSmiling, grinning
114BasmahA smile
116BatulaAscetic, devotee
117BayanahClear, eloquent
118BaydaaWhite, fair
120BayyinClear, evident
121BazighaShining, radiant
122BazeedaExalted, high
123BazighaBright, shining
124BessanDelicate, tender
125BihijaJoyful, happy
126BinaliIlluminated, bright
127BisayrahWalking with pride
128BisiratHappiness, joy
129ButhainahOf beautiful and tender body
130BuzainahShe was a companion of the Prophet (PBUH)
131BadiahUnusual, beautiful
132BadihaInsightful, perceptive
133BadirahFull moon
134BadriahFull moon
135BadriyaResembling full moon
136BaheeraDazzling, brilliant
137BahihaBeautiful, radiant
138BahirahDazzling, brilliant
139Baitun NurHouse of light

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