Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with B with Meaning

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Modern Hindu baby Boy names starting with B

BaLord; Musical note
BaabulA tree; Sacred tree in Hinduism
BaadshahKing; Emperor
BaahubalWith strong arms; Lord Hanuman
BaahubaliStrong armed; Lord Hanuman
BaalaChild; Young boy
BaalaajiLord Venkateswara; Lord of strength
BaalaarkThe rising sun; Young sun
BaalajiLord Venkateswara; Lord of strength
BaalarajuKing of strength; Powerful king
BaaleshLord of strength; Powerful
BaalkrishanYoung Krishna; Lord Krishna as a child
BaaluStrong; Mighty
BaalveerStrong and brave; Mighty warrior
BaananAnother name for Lord Krishna
BaanbhattName of an ancient poet
BaankeLord Krishna; Another name for Krishna
Baanke BihaariLord Krishna; Another name for Krishna
BaasimSmiling; Happy
BaasimaSmiling; Happy
BaaskaranSun; Lord of light
BaasuA fast horse; Swift
BaavakSwift; Fast
BaazFalcon; Eagle
BabaFather; Old man
BabakA character in Persian mythology
BabalaA lotus; A flower
BabanFather; Merciful
BabarLion; King of jungle
BabasabFather; Merciful
BabasahebRespectable father; Noble father
BabatFather; Merciful
BabbaghaLion; King of jungle
BabbanFather; Merciful
BabbluInnocent; Childish
BabbuFather; Merciful
BabeeshGod of water; Lord Varuna
BabhraviGod of fire; Lord Agni
BabhulkarBrave like a tiger; Strong
BabichanBrave; Strong
BabijiRespectable father; Noble father
BabinMajestic; Royal
BabiyaLord Vishnu; One who nourishes
BabjanFather; Merciful
BabjiFather; Merciful
BabloInnocent; Childish
BablooInnocent; Childish
BabluInnocent; Childish
BabooFather; Merciful
BaboorLion; King of jungle
BabruvanFather; Merciful
BabuFather; Old man
BabuaFather; Merciful
BabubhaiBrother; Merciful
BabudasFather; Merciful
BabulSacred wood; Lord Krishna
BabulalLord Krishna; Son of the sacred wood
BabumohanLord Krishna; Attractive
BaburajKing; Emperor
BaburamKing; Emperor
BaburaoKing; Emperor
BachanPromise; Vow
BachchaChild; Young boy
BachchuChild; Young boy
BachiraGlorious; Dazzling
BachittarWondrous; A brave person
BachuYoung; Small
BadamAlmond; Nut
BadaniController; Organizer
BadarFull moon; Fresh
BadarayanVyasa; Sage who composed the Mahabharata
BadariA flower; Lord Vishnu
BadarinathLord Vishnu; Residing in the Badari tree
BadarishFull moon
BadhriLord Vishnu; One who sustains
BadhulaGenerous; Happy
BadhusaHeaven; Paradise
BadikhMoon; Bright light
BaditheSwift; Speedy
BadrFull moon; Fresh
BadramMoon; Bright light
BadranjMoon; Bright light

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