1511+ Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with V with Meaning

Let’s explore Hindu baby boy names starting with V! Join us on this journey as we offer you meaningful options.

Understanding the importance of selecting the perfect name, we promise to make your search easier. In our list, you’ll find names like Vedant, meaning “end of the Vedas”; Vihaan, meaning “dawn”; Vivaan, meaning “full of life”; and Viraj, meaning “resplendent”.

Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with V

VaachaspatiLord of speech, eloquent
VaageeshLord of speech, master of expression
VaakaisoodiExpert in language and speech
VaakeeshanLord of speech, master of expression
VaakpatiLord of speech, master of words
VaalakyName of a sage in Hindu mythology
VaalmeekiValmiki, the author of the epic Ramayana
VaamanLord Vishnu’s fifth avatar, dwarf form
VaamanaLord Vishnu’s fifth avatar, dwarf form
VaamdevLord Shiva, one who is gentle and benevolent
VaaneeGoddess Saraswati, goddess of speech
VaaniSpeech, sound, voice
VaanjinathanLord Shiva, one who is the ruler of speech
VaanmeehiMother Earth
VaanyaSwift, quick
VaaridharLord Krishna, one who holds the mountain
VaarinHunter, pursuer
VaarnikLord of water
VaarshaneySon of the ocean, name of Lord Vishnu
VaarushRain, monsoon
VaasavadattaName of a princess in Hindu mythology
VaasavanLord Indra, god of rain
VaasuWealth, property
VaasudevaLord Krishna, son of Vasudeva
VaasukiKing of serpents, a snake deity
VaathavegaWind god, another name for Lord Hanuman
VaatsyaayanSage, author of the Kamasutra
VaayuWind, air
VaayunLord of the winds
VabhaviBrave, courageous
VacasyaSound, speech
VachanWord, speech
VachanpreetLove for words, love for speech
VachaspatiLord of speech, eloquent
VachasyaOf speech, relating to words
VachelSmall cow
VadakkeFrom the north
VadamalaiyanLord Murugan, one who wears a garland of skulls
VadantSpeaking, talking
VadanyaGenerous, benevolent
VaddeBig, large
VadeSon, offspring
VadekaHigh, lofty
VadinSpeaker, one who communicates
VadirajLord Vishnu, one who is without a superior
VadishLord of speech, master of expression
VadivelSpear of Lord Murugan
VadivelanAnother name for Lord Murugan, bearer of the spear
VadiveluSpear of Lord Murugan
VaengaiName of a tree, Ironwood
VaenuHero, brave person
VaettiyarasanKing, ruler
VagadheekshaLord of speech, master of expression
VageeshLord of speech, master of expression
VageshLord of speech, master of expression
VagindraLord of speech, master of expression
VagisaLord of speech, master of expression
VagishLord of speech, master of expression
VagishanLord of speech, master of expression
VagmiEloquent, one who speaks well
VagminEloquent, fluent speaker
VagmineEloquent, skilled in speech
VahaanVehicle, carrier
VaheeshanLord of speech, master of expression
VahinRelated to speech, sound
VahinarOne who speaks, communicator
VahitLimited, confined
VahithThe highest, the supreme
VahukBearer, carrier
VahuliOne who supports, sustainer
VaibavProsperity, wealth
VaibhavGrandeur, majesty
VaibhnavLord Vishnu, son of Vivasvan
VaibhuProsperous, wealthy
VaibhvProsperity, wealth
VaibudhIntelligent, wise
VaidaProsperity, welfare
VaidanHealer, physician
VaidatDisciplined, ordained
VaideshForeign, of another country
VaidhavBridegroom, husband
VaidhikRelating to the Vedas
VaidhvikRitualistic, pertaining to the Vedas
VaidhyatMedicine, treatment
VaidicRelating to the Vedas
VaidikRelated to the Vedas
VaidishExpert in the Vedas
VaidyaPhysician, healer
VaidyanaathLord of physicians, Lord Shiva
VaidyanathLord of physicians, Lord Shiva
VaikundanathanLord of Vaikuntha (Vishnu)
VaikundavasanResident of Vaikuntha (Vishnu)
VaikunthAbode of Vishnu
Vaikunth NathLord of the Heavenly Abode (Vishnu)
VaikunthanathaLord of Vaikuntha (Vishnu)
VailHealthy; Strong
VainavOf Vishnu; Lord Vishnu
VainavinOne who Carries the Flag of Victory
VairagDetachment; Renunciation
VairajLight; Radiant

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