Modern Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With N

Here is the collection of modern Muslim baby girl names starting with N with meaning. These Muslim girl names are the most loved names over the internet, hope you will love these beautiful Islamic baby girl names starting with N.

Muslim baby girl names starting with N

Sr. No.NameMeaning
1NabaaNobel, high
2NabeehaIntelligent, brilliant, shining
3NabeelahNoble, magnanimous
4NabilaNoble, outstanding, distinguished
5NadiaThe beginning, first, tender, delicate, caller
6NadiraRare, unique, precious, distinguished
7NadiyahCall, announcement, proclaiming
8NafasSoul, breath
9NafisahPrecious gem, valuable, rare
10NaharDaytime, daylight, day
11NahlaDrink, nectar
12NahlahA drink of water, a river
13NailaAttainer, achiever, successful
14NaimaCalm, peace, comfort, tranquility
15NairaShining, glittering
16NajaSuccess, victory, achievement
17NajahSuccess, safety, rescue, salvation
18NajatSafety, rescue, salvation
19NajdThe high land, hill
20NajiaSafe, secure, successful
21NajibaNoble, honorable, respected
22NajilaHonorable, distinguished, noble
23NajmaStar, celestial body
24NajwaSecret conversation, confidential talk, whispering
25NamaBlessing, favor, kindness
27NandiniA daughter, delightful, pleasing
28NargisNarcissus, daffodil
29NarjisNarcissus, daffodil
30NasabGenealogy, ancestry, lineage
31NaseemGentle wind, breeze, zephyr
32NaseemaGentle, kind, compassionate
33NashaIntoxication, elation, enthusiasm
34NashemaBreeze, freshness
35NashidaStudent, disciple, admirer, enthusiast
36NashitahEnergetic, lively
37NasibaNoble, highborn, lucky, fortunate
38NasimaGentle breeze, soft, comforting
39NasiraHelper, protector, victorious
40NasmahBreeze, breath, soul
41NasrinWild rose, flower

Islamic baby girl names starting with N 2023

Sr. No.NameMeaning
43NasyaMiracle, gift from Allah
44NataleeTalented, gift of Allah
46NaveenNew, fresh, modern
47NawalGift, present, favor
48NawarBlossom, flower, fresh
49NawraFlower, blossom
50NaylaAchiever, successful, winner
51NayyaraBright, shining, radiant
52NazahaHonesty, integrity
53NazaninSweetheart, darling, beloved
54NazeefaPure, chaste, virtuous
55NazeeraObserver, vigilant, careful
56NaziaProud, noble, respected
57NazifaPure, chaste, virtuous
58NazimaLeader, organizer, manager
59NaziraLike, similar, matching
60NazliDelicate, tender, gracious
61NazmiaQuiet, gentle, calm
62NeelamSapphire, blue stone
63NefertariBeautiful companion, Egyptian queen
64NehaDew drop, morning glory
65NessaFriendly, gentle, soft
66NetraEyes, vision
67NidaCall, voice, plea
68NidhiTreasure, wealth
69NighatDawn, early morning
70NihadHeight, loftiness, summit
71NihalJoyful, happy, delighted
72NihlaHonesty, righteousness, integrity
73NikaVictory, triumph
74NikhatFragrance, perfume
75NikitaVictorious, unconquerable
76NilofarWater lily, lotus
77NimahBlessing, grace, favor
78NimoBlessing, happiness, prosperity
79NimraSoft, gentle, lovely
80NisaaWomen, ladies
81NishaNight, darkness
82NishatHappiness, pleasure, delight
83NisreenFlower, wild rose
84NisrinFlower, wild rose
85NisrineFlower, wild rose
86NivaGift, blessing

Baby girl names from the Quran starting with N 2023

Sr. No.NameMeaning
88NoorLight, radiance
89NooraLight, radiance, shining
90NoorainTwo lights, radiance
91NooriLuminous, radiant, glowing
92NoorulainLight of the eyes
93NoreenLovable, bright, honorable
94NoshinSweet, pleasant, fragrant
95NoufHigh point, summit, peak
96NoureenLight, brightness, radiance
97NudratDelight, pleasure, beauty
98NufaisaDelicate, slender, elegant
99NufaylahSlender, delicate, refined
100NumaBeautiful, elegant, charming
101NumairahPanther, lioness
102NumairaSoft, delicate, graceful
103NureenLuminous, radiant, shining
104NurulLight, radiance, shining
105NusaibaDiminutive of Nusayba, name of a female companion
106NusaybaName of a female companion
107NusrahHelp, support, victory
108NuzhahPleasant, enjoyable, recreation
109NuzhatPleasure, recreation, amusement
110NyelaWinner, successful, achiever
111NylaWinner, successful, achiever
112NysaGoal, ambition, enthusiasm
113NabahaHigh, lofty, noble
114NabawiyyaProphetic, pertaining to the Prophet Muhammad
115NabeehaIntelligent, noble, famous
116NabihahIntelligent, noble, eminent
117NabilahNoble, eminent, intelligent
118NabilaNoble, eminent, exceptional
119NabinaProphet’s daughter
120NabintouProphet’s daughter
121NadhaDewdrop, morning dew
122NadheeraRare, precious, unique
123NadiRival, equal, partner
124NadiaHope, generous, giving
125NadidaOne who calls out, announcer
126NadiraRare, precious, unique
127NadirahRare, precious, unique
128NadiyahCaller, announcer, giver
129NafasBreath, respiration

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