1203+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with R with Meaning

Looking for Muslim baby boy names that start with R? Check out a list of Islamic names for boys beginning with R. From modern options like Raheem (meaning merciful) to unique choices like Rayyan (meaning gates of Heaven), each Muslim boy name carries a unique meaning. Choose a name that connects with you, adding a meaningful touch to your dear son’s identity.

Modern Muslim baby boy names starting with R

RaabihرابحWinner, gainer
RaabitرابطBinder, connector
RaadرادHelper, adviser
RaadheeراضیPleased, content
RaadhiراضیSatisfied, pleased
RaadhiiراضیOne who is pleased
RaadiراضیSatisfied, content
RaaeeرائعGood-looking, handsome
RaafatرافتKindness, compassion
RaafeرافعOne who raises
RaafeرافعElevating, exalting
RaafiرافعSublime, exalted
RaafiرافعOne who raises
RaafidرافضOne who opposes
RaafidرافضOpposer, rejecter
RaafiifرافعOne who raises
RaafikرفیقFriend, companion
RaafilرافلOne who is kind
RaafiqرفیقCompanion, friend
Raafiur-Rutabرافع الرتبOne who raises in ranks
RaaghibراغبDesiring, aspiring
RaaghibراغبDesirous, eager
RaaghiboonراغبونThose who desire
RaahatراحتRest, comfort
RaaheelراحیلOne who travels
RaahibراہبMonk, ascetic
RaahilراحیلOne who travels
RaahimرحیمMerciful, compassionate
RaahimرحیمKind, compassionate
RaahimeenرحیمینThose who show mercy
RaaiرائعExquisite, beautiful
RaaibرائبCompetitor, rival
RaaidرائدLeader, pioneer
RaaieرائعOne who is respected
RaaifرائفKind, compassionate
RaaiqرائقSatisfying, agreeable
RaajiراجیHopeful, expectant
RaajihراجحHaving weight, dignified
RaajiiراجیHoping, expecting
RaakaanراکانRespectable, dignified
RaakibراکبRider, one who sits in a vehicle
RaakibراکبObserver, watcher
RaakinراکنRespectful, dignified
RaakinراکنOne who is established
RaamisرامسGood-looking, beautiful
RaamizرامزSymbolic, sign
RaamizرامزOne who indicates
RaanishرانشRay of light
RaaqeemراقیمWriter, scribe
RaaqibراقبObserver, watcher
RaaqimراقمWatchful, attentive
RaashadراشدRightly guided, mature
RaashidراشدGuided, righteous
RaashidراشدRighteous, rightly guided
RaashidoonراشدونThe guided ones
RaashiqراشقElegant, graceful
RaasikhراسخFirm, resolute
RaasikhoonراسخونThe firm ones
RaasiqراصقOne who breaks
RaateebراتیبArranger, organizer
RaatibراتبOne who looks after
RaatibراتبOrganizer, arranger
RaazaراضیSatisfied, content
RaaziراضیPleased, willing
RaaziراضیContent, satisfied
RaazikرازقProvider, sustainer
RaazimرازمWarrior, fighter
RaazinرازنOne who is stable
RaaziqرازقProvider, sustainer
RabربLord, God
RabaahرباہGainer, winner
RababربابWhite cloud
RabaeeربائیWinner, gainer
RabahرباہGainer, winner
RabahرباہProfit, gain
RabarربارGood, respectful
RabarربارA kind of spring

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