Modern Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With I

A list of modern Muslim baby boy names starting with the letter I with meaning. These Muslim boy names beginning with I are the most searched Muslim boy names on the internet.

Muslim baby boy names starting with I 2024

Ibadullahعباد اللہWorshiper of Allah
Ibn-sinaابن سیناSon of Sina (Referring to Avicenna)
IbrابرA flower
IbraheemابراہیمProphet Abraham
IbrahimابراہیمProphet Abraham
IbrarابرارNoble, Generous
IbreezابریزPowerful, Beautiful
IbrizابریزPowerful, Beautiful
IbtihaajابتہاجJoy, Happiness
IbtihajابتہاجHappiness, Joy
IbtihalابتہالSupplication, Prayer
IdharاذہارFlourishing, Blossoming
IdrakادراکAwareness, Perception
IdreesادریسProphet Enoch (Idris in Arabic)
IdrisادریسProphet Enoch (Idrees in Arabic)
IedعیدFestival, Celebration
IeethaarعیثارSacrifice, Offering
IesaعیسیJesus (Isa in Arabic)
IffatعفتChastity, Modesty
IfraافراHeight, Altitude
IfranعفرانForgiveness, Pardon
IfrazعفرازHeight, Altitude
IftikarافتخارPride, Honor
IftikharافتخارPride, Honor
Iftikhar-ud-dinافتخار الدینPride of the Religion
Iftikharus-sadatافتخار الساداتPride of the Noble Ones
IhamاہمEnthusiasm, Eagerness
IhdafاہدافGoals, Objectives
IhlalاہلالPurity, Clarity
IhramاحرامSacred State of Pilgrimage
IhsaanاحسانExcellence, Goodness
IhsanاحسانKindness, Beneficence
Ihsanul-haqاحسان الحقKindness of the Truth
IhteshamاحتشامModesty, Dignity
IhtiraamاحترامRespect, Reverence
IhtiramاحترامRespect, Honor
IhtishaamاحتشامModesty, Dignity
IhtishamاحتشامModesty, Dignity
IhtshamاحتشامModesty, Dignity
IjaazاعجازMiracle, Inimitability
IjazاعجازMiracle, Inimitability
Ijazulاعجاز الMiracle, Inimitability
Ijazul-haqاعجاز الحقMiracle of Truth
IjlalاجلالGlory, Majesty
IjliاجلیFresh, Tender (Leaves)
IjtibaاجتباChoosing, Selecting
IkhlaqاخلاقMorality, Ethics
IkhlasاخلاصSincerity, Purity
IkhtiyarاختیارChoice, Preference
IkleelاکلیلCrown, Garland
IklilاکلیلCrown, Garland
IkraamاکرامHonor, Generosity
IkramاکرمGenerosity, Nobility
Ikram-ul-haqاکرم الحقHonor of the Truth
IkramahاکرمہHonor, Praise
Ikramullahاکرم اللہHonor of Allah
IkrimaاکرمہHonor, Praise
IkrimahاکرمہHonor, Praise
IkseerاکسیرElixir, Potion
IksirاکسیرElixir, Potion

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