450+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With H

Muslim baby boy names starting with the letter H are quite popular and meaningful. These Muslim boy names have significant meanings in Islam and are often chosen to reflect the parents’ values and aspirations for their children.

In these tables, I have compiled some of the Islamic Muslim baby boy names starting with H, along with their meanings:

Modern Muslim baby boy names starting with H

HammuzahہمزہStrong, steadfast
HamoodہمودOne who praises God
HamoolہمولGenerous and noble
HamrazہمرازCompanion in secrets
HamshadہمشادHappy and joyful
HamzadہمزادDescendant of the Prophet (PBUH)
HanaہناHappiness, bliss
HanafiحنفیFollower of the Hanafi school of Islamic jurisprudence
HanaiہنائیHappy, delighted
HananہنانCompassionate, tender
HanananہنانانAffectionate, kind
HanashہنشWise, sensible
HanbalحنبلFollower of the Hanbali school of Islamic jurisprudence
HanbaliحنبلیFollower of the Hanbali school of Islamic jurisprudence
HaneefحنیفTrue believer in monotheism
HaneemanzarحنیمانذرGentle, kind
HanfiحنفیFollower of the Hanafi school of Islamic jurisprudence
HaniہانیHappy, delighted
HanifحنیفTrue monotheist
HanifahحنیفہTrue believer in monotheism (feminine form)
Hanifud-dinحنیف الدینTrue to the religion
HaninہانینLonging, yearning
HannadہنادBlissful, happy
HanoonہنونCompassionate, tender
HanzalahہنزلہName of a Sahabi (companion of the Prophet)
HanzhalahہنزلہVariant of Hanzalah
HaqحقTruth, right
HaqiqحقیقتTruth, reality
HaqqحقTruth, justice
HaqqaniحقانیJust, fair
HaqqiحقیقیTrue, real
HaraamحرامForbidden (opposite of halal)
HarazہرازPure, chaste
HarbحربWar, conflict
HareefہریفNoble, honorable
HareemحریمSanctuary, sacred place
HareesہریسGuardian, protector
HarimحریمSanctuary, sacred place
HarisحارثGuardian, protector
HarisahحارثہGuardian, protector (feminine form)
HarithحارثFarmer, cultivator
HarithaحارثہVariant of Harith
HarizحارظRespectful, generous
HarmalahحرملہName of a Sahabi (companion of the Prophet)
HaroonہارونAaron (brother of Moses in Islam)
HaroonaہارونہVariant of Haroon
HarounہارونVariant of Haroon
HarunہارونAaron (brother of Moses in Islam)
HarzہرزProtection, shelter
HarzanہرزانGuardian, protector
HasabحسابReckoning, accountability
HasanحسنBeautiful, handsome
HasanainحسنینBeautiful, handsome (dual form)
HasanatحسناتGood deeds
HaseebحسیبReckoner, one who takes account
HaseefحسیفWell-mannered, modest
HaseemحسیمDecisive, firm
HaseenحسینBeautiful, handsome
HaseesحسیسObserver, examiner
HashaamہشامLion, brave
HashamہشامVariant of Hashaam
HashashہشاشCannabis, hemp
HasherہاشرGatherer, compiler
HashidہاشدSupporter, helper
HashimہاشمCrusher, breaker
HashimiہاشمیDescendant of Hashim (Prophet’s family)
HashirہاشرGatherer, compiler
HashmatہشمتDignity, honor
HasibحسیبRespected, noble
HasifحاصفWise, judicious
HasiibحاصبRespected, noble
HasilحاصلAchiever, one who attains
HasimحاصمDecisive, firm
HasinحسینHandsome, beautiful
HaskحسکQuiet, calm

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