Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with O with Meaning

Looking for Muslim baby boy names that start with O with meaning? Explore a list of Islamic names for boys beginning with O. From modern choices like Omar (meaning life) to distinctive options like Owais (a companion of Prophet Muhammad), find a Islamic boy name that connects with you and imparts a special meaning to your cherished son’s identity.

Modern Muslim boy names starting with O

OthmanعثمانName of the third Caliph of Islam, a companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
OtonielعتوانیلGod’s strength or God is my power
OusamaأسامةLion or strong
OusmanعثمانVariant of Othman, a companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
OuzairعزیرProphet Ezra in Islam
OvaisعویسA companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
OvaishعویشVariant of Ovais, meaning a companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
OvesعویسVariant of Ovais, meaning a companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
OwaibعویبFull moon
OwaibعویبVariant of Owaib, meaning full moon
OwaidعویدSmall wolf
OwaisعویسA companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
OwakifعواقفDependable or reliable
OwanعوانGift of God
OweezعویزVariant of Owais, meaning a companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
OwenاوینWell-born, young warrior
OwesعویسVariant of Ovais, meaning a companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
OwezعویزVariant of Owais, meaning a companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
OzaafarعضافرVariant of Azfar, meaning victorious
OzaafarعضافرVariant of Azfar, meaning victorious
OzaifعظیفGuest or the one who provides shelter
OzainعزینBeautiful, handsome
OzairعزیرVariant of Ouzair, Prophet Ezra in Islam
OzanاوزانBalance, scales
OzhanاوزہانGift from God
OzilعوضیلVariant of Azil, meaning one who refrains from harming others
ObaidعبیدSmall slave, servant
ObaidaعبیدہSlave, servant
ObaidulعبیدالSlave of the Most High
ObaidullahعبیداللہServant of Allah
ObaydulعبیداللہServant of the Most High
ObeidعبیدSmall slave, servant
ObeidullaعبیداللہServant of Allah
ObezعبیدSmall slave, servant
ObydulعبیداللہServant of the Most High
OdayاودےShort form of Obaid, servant
OemarعمرVariant of Umar, life
OhadاحدTen, unity
OhammedمحمدVariant of Muhammad, praised one
OheenاہینSuperb, excellent
OhidurاہیدرThe one who believes in oneness of God
OhrmazdاہرمزدGod in Zoroastrianism
OkbaعقبہVariant of Aqib, following
OktaiاوکتائیTurkish name
OlfaالفاLight, brightness
OliaالیاOne who brings good news
OliurعلیورThe light of the house
OlusholaالشولاWealth brings happiness
OmaاوماCommanding, mother
OmaidامیدHope, expectation
OmaijidعمیجدOne who strives for greatness
OmaijidعمیجدVariant of Omaijid, striving for greatness
OmairعمیرLife, long-lived
OmairعمیرVariant of Umar, life
OmaisاومیسOne who is blessed
OmaisiاومیسیVariant of Omais, blessed
OmamعمامLeader, head
OmanعمانVariant of Aman, peace
OmarعمرLife, long-lived
OmarعمرVariant of Umar, life
Omar-farukعمر فاروقDistinguisher between right and wrong
OmaranعمرانProsperous, flourishing
OmariعماریLife, long-lived
OmariعماریVariant of Umar, life
OmarionعماریونBlend of Omar and Marion
OmarrعمارVariant of Umar, life
OmaryعماریVariant of Umar, life
OmedامیدHope, expectation
OmeedامیدVariant of Omed, hope
OmeedامیدVariant of Omed, hope
OmeirعمیرVariant of Umar, life
OmeirعمیرVariant of Umar, life
OmenاومینVariant of Amin, trustworthy
OmerعمرVariant of Umar, life
OmeroعمروVariant of Umar, life
OmidامیدHope, expectation
OmidامیدVariant of Omed, hope
OmidvarامیدورHopeful, optimistic
OmmarعمارVariant of Umar, life
OmorعمرVariant of Umar, life

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