Baby Names List With Meaning 2024

Here is the list of modern baby boy names and baby girl names. You can choose baby names from one category that suits you.

Muslim Baby Names

Looking for meaningful Muslim baby boy and girl names for your baby? Find a diverse list of traditional and contemporary Islamic names for girls and boys that carry deep cultural significance and beautiful meanings.

Hindu Baby Names

Discover a treasure trove of Hindu baby names on our website! From traditional to modern, we offer a diverse selection of Hindu girl and boy names for your little one.

Punjabi Baby Name

Find Punjabi baby names for both girls and boys on our website! We provide a diverse selection of traditional and contemporary names rooted in Punjabi culture.

Marathi Baby Name

Explore a delightful collection of Marathi baby names on our platform! We offer a diverse range of traditional and contemporary options, each reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Maharashtra.