1789+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with M with Meaning

Explore our list of Muslim baby boy names starting with M that carry profound meanings. Find the unique name for your Muslim child from a large collection of names.

Modern Muslim baby boy names starting with M

MaaaribماربEvening, Nightfall
MaabمابPlace, Space
MaadمعادPlace of Return
MaadilمعدلJust, Fair
MaadinمعدنMine, Source
MaadiniمعدنیResponsible, Accountable
MaahماہMoon, Month
MaaheedماہیدRadiant, Glowing
MaahiماہیThe Oryx (Type of Deer)
MaahikماہکOne who is intelligent and wise
MaahilماہلCapable, competent
MaahinماہینBright, radiant
MaahirماہرSkilled, expert
MaaifuمعیفوOne who is compassionate and forgiving
MaaizماعزBrave, Mighty
MaajidماجدGlorious, Honorable
MaajidahماجدہGlorious, Honorable
MaakufمعقوفAvoided, Shunned
MaalamمعلمKnowledgeable, Educated
MaalihمالحSalty, one who is sharp and intelligent
MaalikمالکOwner, Master
MaaliqمالقOne who is powerful and sovereign
MaamarمعمرOne who lives a long life
MaamourمأمورAssigned, Appointed
MaamunمامونTrustworthy, one who is reliable
MaamuriماموریAppointed, In Charge
MaanمانRespect, Honor
MaaniمعنیMeaning, Significance
MaanoosمانوسSociable, Friendly
MaanyمنیAspirant, Wishful
MaaribماربHaving Strong Iman
MaarifمعرفتKnowledge, Understanding
MaarijمعراجAscender, Climber
MaaroufمعروفWell-known, Famous
MaarufمعروفWell-known, famous
MaarufiمعروفیWell-Known, Famous
MaashماشSustenance, Livelihood
MaasharماشرLivestock, Animals
MaashirماشرObserver, Noticer
MaasibماصبAfflicted, Troubled
MaatiماتیEarth, Soil
MaatuqماتوقPious, Devout
MaawiyaمعاویہThe Prophet Muhammad’s Companion
MaayanمائنFountain, spring
MaayishمائشLivelihood, Prosperity
MaayushمائیشLong Life
MaazمازShelter, Refuge
MaazimمازمOrganizer, Coordinator
MaazinمازنRain, Rainy
MaazirماضرOne Who Instigates
MaazurمازورStrong, Powerful
MaazuzمازوزOne Who Conquers
MabadمابدSource, Origin
MabahمباہProfitable, Advantageous
MabarakمبارکBlessed, Fortunate
MabkhutمبختFortunate, Lucky
MaboodمعبودOne who is worshipped and adored
MabrookمبروکBlessed, Fortunate
MabroukمبروکBlessed, Fortunate
MabrukمبروکBlessed, Congratulations
MabrurمبرورAccepted, Approved
MabudمعبودOne who is worshiped
MadمدGlory, Praise
MadadمددHelp, support
MadanمدنGarden, Paradise
MadaniمدنیUrban, Civilized
MaddahمدحPraiser, Extoller
MaddukuriNot a Muslim name
MadeehمدیحPraiseworthy, Commendable
MadharمضارSwift, quick
MadhatمدحتAppreciation, Praise
MadiمادیReproductive, Fruitful

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