205+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with Q with Meaning

Find Muslim baby boy names starting with Q and their beautiful meanings. Our list of Muslim baby names presents a variety of Muslim boy names starting with Q, allowing you to select the perfect one for your cherished child.

Modern Muslim baby boy names starting with Q

QaabeelقابیلName of Prophet Adam’s son
QaabilقابلAble, Capable
QaabisقابسName of a famous jurist (Qaadhee)
QaadheeقاضیJudge, Justice
QaadirقادرPowerful, Almighty
QaadireenقادرینThose who have power and authority
QaadiroonقادرونPowerful, Capable
QaafقافThe 19th letter of the Arabic alphabet
QaahirقاهرSubduer, Dominant
QaaidقائدLeader, Commander
QaailahقائلہOne who is satisfied and content
QaaimقائمOne who is standing, Resolute
QaaimoonقائمونThose who stand firm
QaanayقانعSatisfied, Content
QaaniقانیObedient, Submissive
QaaniahقانیہOne who submits to Allah’s will
QaanitقانتObedient, Devout
QaaniteenقانتینThose who are devout and obedient
QaariقارئReciter, Reader
QaasidقاصدMessenger, Herald
QaasimقاسمDivider, Distributor
QaayedقائدLeader, Commander
QaaziقاضیJudge, Justice
QabasقبسSomething that brings light
QabeelقبیلName of Prophet Adam’s son
QabeerقبیرGreat, Wise
QabidقابضWithholder, Restrainer
QabilقابلAble, Capable
QabilaaقابلہOne who is capable
QabirقبیرGreat, Mighty
QabisقابسOne who restrains or withholds
QabisahقابسہWithholder, Restrainer
QabizقابضWithholder, Restrainer
QaboolقبولAccepted, Approved
QaboosقابوسName of a mountain in Iran
QabusقابوسOne who is reserved, modest
Qadamu-Sidqقدمو صدقOne who walks in truth and sincerity
QadarقدرDestiny, Fate
QaddarقدرOne who decrees, Determines
QaddurقدورOne who is powerful and capable
QadeemقدیمAncient, Old
QadeerقدیرPowerful, Almighty
QaderقادرPowerful, Capable
QadhiقاضیJudge, Justice
QadielقاضیلName of a Prophet
QadimقدیمAncient, Eternal
QadimanقدیماًAncient, Timeless
QadimiقدیمیAncient, Historical
QadirقادرPowerful, Capable
QadirinقادرینThose who have power and authority
QadoomقدومAncient, Exalted
QadrقدرPower, Destiny
QadriقادریDivine, Powerful
QadriyahقادریہDerived from Qadir, meaning Powerful
QaeedقائدLeader, Commander
QahaarقہارDominant, Overpowering
QahharقہارSubduer, Dominant
QahirقاہرConqueror, Victorious
QahtanقحطانName of a pre-Islamic Arabian tribe
QaidقیدLeader, Commander
QaimقائمOne who is standing, Resolute
QaimunقائمونThose who stand firm
QairoقائروBright, Shining
Qairuddinقائر الدينOne who maintains the religion
QaisقیسLover, Beloved
QaisaanقیسانOld Arabic name
QaishaanقیشانStrong, powerful
QaishanقیشانStrong, powerful
QaiyoumقیومSelf-sustaining, eternal
QaiyumقیومSelf-sustaining, eternal
QalandarقلندرMystic, ascetic
QaleebقلیبWise, judicious
Qamargullقمر گلMoon flower
QamariقمریOf the moon

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