Modern Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With I 2023

In this blog, we will write Modern Muslim baby girl names starting with letter I. These Islamic girl names starting with I are the most trending name for Muslim girls.

Modern Muslim baby girl names starting with I

Sr. No.NameMeaning
1ImtithalA polite request, obedience
2InayahConcern, care, protection
3InshaalTo raise, elevate
4IntisaratTriumph, victory
5Iram FatimaGarden in paradise, daughter of Prophet (PBUH)
6IffahPurity, modesty
7IjlalRespect, honor
8IkhlaasSincerity, purity
9IkhlasSincerity, purity
10IkramHonor, hospitality
11IktidarCapability, ability
15ImtinanGraciousness, favor
16InamKindness, favor
17InshaCreation, creativity
18IntikhaabSelection, choice
19IntisarVictory, triumph
20IqbalProsperity, good fortune
21IqraTo read
22IramGarden in heaven, paradise
23IsbahBeautiful, graceful
24IshaaOne who gives life to dead, Prophet Isa’s name
25IshraqRadiance, brilliance
26IsmatChastity, innocence
27IssraJourney by night
28IzzahHonor, power, esteem
29IbaPride, sense of honor
30IbtihaajJoy, delight
31IdraakComprehension, perception
32IffatChastity, modesty
33IhtishaamDignity, honor
34IjlalGlory, respect
35IkhlasSincerity, purity
36IkraamHonor, hospitality
37IlyanaSoftness, tenderness
39InayaSolicitude, concern
40InshaalTo raise, to elevate
41IqbalProsperity, good fortune
42IqtidarPower, authority
43IrhaaBlessing, care, favor
44IrtezaContentment, satisfaction
45IsadoraGift of Isis, a goddess in Egyptian mythology

Muslim baby girl names starting with I

Sr. No.NameMeaning
1IffahChaste, modest
2IftikharHonor, glory
3IjazMiracle, marvel
4IjlalRespect, honor
5IkhlasSincerity, purity
7InayaConcern, care
9IntisarVictory, triumph
10IqraTo read
11IramGarden in heaven
12IremGarden in heaven
13IsaarSacrifice, selflessness
14IshraqRadiance, brilliance
15IsmatChastity, innocence
16IzzaHonor, esteem
17IbtihajJoy, delight
18IffatPurity, modesty
20IjlalHonor, dignity
21IkhlasSincerity, purity
23IlliyinHigh rank, elevated
25InaamReward, favor
26InamKindness, benefaction
28IntikhabSelection, choice
29IqbalProsperity, good fortune
30IqtidarPower, authority
31IramParadise, garden of heaven
32IsbahMorning, dawn
33IshfaqSympathy, compassion
34IshratPleasure, happiness
35IsmatProtection, honor
36IsraNocturnal journey of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
37IzzatHonor, respect
39IrsiaNoble, honorable
40IrtaqaElevation, progress
41IsbahBeautiful, graceful
42IsmatChastity, purity
43IzzahHonor, power
44IklilCrown, garland
45IlahiDivine, godly
47IlyasA prophet’s name (Elias)

I letter name for Muslim girl 2023

Sr. No.NameMeaning
2IbtihajJoy, happiness
3IjazMiracle, wonder
4IkhtiyarChoice, selection
5ImaneFaith, belief
6IqraTo read
7IqraamHonor, hospitality
8IrtaqaProgress, development
9IsaJesus, Prophet in Islam
10IsadoraGift of Isis, a goddess in Egyptian mythology
11IsbahBeautiful, graceful
12IsfiraPurity, cleanliness
14IshratDelight, happiness
15IsmatChastity, innocence
16IsraNight journey, Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) journey
17ItidalBalance, justice
18ItratLineage, descent
20IzzahHonor, power, esteem
22IffahPurity, modesty
23IhsanKindness, excellence
25IkramHonor, hospitality
28ImtiyazExcellence, distinction
29InaayaConcern, care
30InasSociability, geniality
31InayahConcern, care, protection
32InshaCreation, origination
33IntisarVictory, triumph
34IqbalProsperity, good fortune
36IrtiqaProgress, advancement
37IsbahSoft, gentle
38IsmatInnocence, purity
39IsraaNight journey, Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) journey
40IzzahRespect, power
41IbtihalSupplication, prayer
42IdilJustice, fairness
43IfzaProtective angel
44IjlalDignity, honor
46InanKindness, softness
47InasSociable, friendly

Islamic Muslim baby girl names starting with i

Sr. No.NameMeaning
2IbtisanExamination, inspection
3IffatChastity, modesty
4IftikharHonor, pride, glory
5IjazMiracle, marvel
6IkramullahHonor of God
7IlafFamiliarity, friendship
8ImaneBelief, faith
9InaamKindness, generosity
10InamGift, reward
11InasSociability, friendship
12InayaConcern, care
13IntajCrown, tiara
14IqbalProsperity, good fortune
15IqraarConfession, acknowledgement
16IrshadGuidance, instruction
17IsaA Prophet’s name in Islam
18IsbahLight, illumination
19IshraqRadiance, brightness
20IsmaGod’s name
21IsmatChastity, purity
22IsraarSecret, mystery
23IyanaHelpfulness, care
24IyshaLife, way of living
25IzaHonor, respect
26IzzaHonor, respect
28IbtihaajJoy, happiness
29IdraakPerception, realization
30IffahModesty, chastity
31IfrahHappiness, joy
32IjlalHonor, glory
33ImanFaith, belief
34ImranA Prophet’s name in Islam
35InshaCreation, origination
36IramGarden, paradise
37IrfaanKnowledge, awareness
39IsbahGraceful, gentle
40IsfahanA city in Iran
41IshaqA Prophet’s name in Islam
42IshraqSunrise, morning glow
43IsmatullahGod’s gift of protection
44IsrarSecret, mystery
45IyadSupport, might
46IyanaProtectiveness, concern
47IzzMight, power

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