300+ Modern Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With B

Looking for modern Muslim baby boy names starting with B with meaning. then here you can find unique Muslim boy names beginning with B.

Muslim baby boy names starting with B

BaadiبادیDistinct, Clear
BaadirبادرShining, Competent
BaahiباہیGlorious, Magnificent
BaahirباہرDazzling, Brilliant
BaakirباکرEarly, One who rises early
BaalighبالغEloquent, Mature
BaaqirباقرInquirer, Discerning
BaarباڑJust, Pious
BaareبارےFree, Noble
BaariباریJust, Pious
BaariqبارقShining, Lightning
BaarizباریزOutstanding, Prominent
BaashaبشاSmiling, Happy
BaashirبشیرBringer of good news
BaasimباسمSmiling, Cheerful
BaasirباصرAll-seeing, Wise
BaasitباسطSpreader, Expander
BaazبازFalcon, Resolute
BabبابDoor, Gate
BabakبابکLittle Father
BabbarببرMighty, Strong
BabikبابکSmall, Humble
BabrakببرکLittle Tiger
BachirبشیرBringer of good news
BadaahبداہUnique, Unprecedented
BadarبدرFull Moon, Bright
BadawiبدویDesert Dweller
BaddarبدرFull Moon
BadeeبدیIncomparable, Unique
BadeedبدیدFull Moon
BadeehبدیحUnique, Unprecedented
BadeelبدیلAlternative, Substitute
BadeenبدینUnique, Rare
BadiبدیUnprecedented, Unique
Badi-al-zamanبدی الزمانUnique of the time
BadihبدیحIncomparable, Admirable
BadiiبدیعUnprecedented, Unique
BadiilبدیلSubstitute, Alternative
BadilaynبدلینAlternating, Changing
BadirبدیرFull Moon
Badiul-alamبدیع العالمWonder of the world
Badiuz-zamanبدیع الزمانMarvel of the time
BadiyبدئیIncomparable, Admirable
BadrبدرFull Moon
Badr-al-dinبدر الدینFull Moon of the faith
Badr-e-alamبدر العالمFull Moon of the world
Badr-ud-dujaبدر الدجاءFull Moon of the forenoon
BadranبدرانEarly Morning
BadrawiبدراویFull Moon-like
BadriبدریFull Moon
Badrud-dujaبدر الدجاءFull Moon of the forenoon
Badruddinبدر الدینFull Moon of the faith
Badrudeenبدر الدینFull Moon of the faith
BaghawiبغاویFrom Bagh (Garden)
BaghishباغشOne who brings joy
BahaبہاBeautiful, Magnificent
Baha-al-dinبہاء الدینMagnificence of the faith
Baha-ud-dawlahبہاء الدولہMagnificence of the state
BahadurبہادرBrave, Courageous
BahaminبہامنSuccessful, Prosperous
BahatبہتVery Much, A lot
Bahauddinبہاؤ الدینBeautiful of the faith
Bahaudeenبہاء الدینMagnificence of the faith
BaheejبہیجClear, Eloquent
BaheenبہینExpressed, Eloquent
BaheerبہیرIntelligent, Wise
BahhasبہسSearcher, Inquirer
BahiبہیGood, Beautiful
BahijبہیجGood, Beautiful
BahiliبہیلیAromatic, Fragrant
BahirبہیرDazzling, Brilliant
BahiriبہیریDazzling, Brilliant
BahirunبہیرونShining, Radiant

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