201+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with D with Meaning

Looking for names for Muslim baby boys that start with D? Explore a list of Islamic names for boys beginning with D. Think about classic options like Danish (knowledgeable) or contemporary selections like Daanish (wise). Find Muslim names that hold a deep meaning for your dear son.

Modern Muslim baby boy names starting with D

DaafiدافعOne who repels harm
DaaliiدالیBucket, pail
DaaminدامنGuarantor, surety
DaanaaداناWise, knowledgeable
DaaniiدانیOne who knows
DaanishدانشKnowledge, wisdom
DaariiداریUpholder of truth, judge
DabbahدبہLatch, door lock
DabirدابرWriter, scribe
DaboorدبورMorning breeze
DadmehrدادمهرLoving and compassionate
DadvarدادورJudge, arbitrator
DadwarدادوارOne who possesses justice
DaebدائبDebater, speaker
DaffaدفعProtection, remedy
DafiqدفقIntelligent, wise
DaghfalدغفلOne with a fair face
DahbalدہبلThis was the name of a companion of the Prophet Muhammad
DahbanدہبانOne with a fair complexion
DaheeدہیIntelligent, perceptive
DahhaakضحاکA person who laughs much
DahhakضحاکOne who laughs
DahiضحیHandsome, beautiful
DaibدائبResponsible, accountable
DaiyanدعیانA caring and loving person
DakheelدخیلOne who enters
DakhilداخلForeigner, stranger
DalajدلجBold, courageous
DalalدلالBroker, mediator
DaleelدلیلGuide, proof
DalerدلیرBrave, courageous
DalilدلیلGuide, proof
DalirدلیرBrave, valiant
DaluدلوHelper, supporter
DameerدمیرHeart, conscience
DamianدامیانSubdue, tame
DamurahدمورہSparkling, glittering
DanaدانہWise, knowledgeable
DaneerدنیرBrilliant, radiant
DaneshدانشKnowledge, wisdom
DaneshvarدانشورPossessor of knowledge
DaniدانیClose, near
DanishدانشKnowledge, wisdom
DaniyalدانیالProphet Daniel
DanyalڈانیلProphet Daniel
DaoudداؤدArabic form of David
DaqeeqدقیقPunctual, precise
DaqrدقرOne who has a keen memory
DaraداراPossessor, sovereign
DarabدارابHitting, striking
DarakhshanدرخشاںShining, radiant
DareebدریبGentle, submissive
DariaدریاLearned, knowing
DarimدریمThis was the name of a narrator of Hadith
DarisدارسStudent, scholar
DariushداریوشPossessor of good
DarkanدارکانChief, noble, leader
DarmalدرمالWealthy person
DarmanدرمانCure, remedy
DarrakداراکIntrepid, fearless
DarujدروجPearl, precious stone
DarveshدرویشAscetic, mystic
DarweeshدرویشMystic, saintly person
DarweshدرویشMystic, ascetic
DarwishدرویشMystic, saint
DaryushداریوشPossessor of good
DastanداستانStory, tale
DastgirدستگیرOne who helps
DaudداؤدArabic form of David
DaudiداؤدیArabic form of David
DaulahدولہWealth, power
DaulatدولتWealth, riches
DavarداورJudge, arbitrator

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