Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With L 2024

LenoaلینواGorgeous, beautiful
LeshaلیشاPrecious, valuable
LeyanلیانGentle, tender
LeyzaلیزاConsecrated to God
LiabaلیابہMost beautiful
LibahلبہMost beautiful
LibanلبنFrankincense, aroma
LidyaلدیہKind, friendly
LilasلیلاسNight beauty
LinitلینٹSoft, gentle
LintaلنٹاSoft, gentle
LiqaaلقاءMeeting, encounter
LishaلیشاNoble, virtuous
LisnaلصناHarmony, melody
LiyahلیہBeautiful, intelligent
LiznaلزنہElegant, graceful
LizzaلزہConsecrated to God
LubaibaلبیبہThe one who is intelligent and understanding
LubaikaلبیکہResponding, present
LubaynaلبینہA girl with a pure heart
LubeenaلبینہIntelligent and wise
LumeeraلمیراShining, radiant
LutfeyaلطفیہDelicate, gentle
LuvaizaلویزہGraceful, elegant
LuwaizaلویزہGraceful, elegant
LabeebahلبیبہIntelligent woman
LakeeshaلکیشاA woman with unique qualities
LakeishaلکیشاThe one who is full of life
LakeyshaلکیشاA woman with a beautiful life
LamasiahلماسیہSoft to the touch
LateegahلطیغہGentle, kind
LatheefaلطیفہGentle and kind
LekeeshaلکیشاA woman with a unique personality
LekeishaلکیشاThe one who brings happiness
LizanaazلذانازThe one who is graceful and elegant
LutfiyyaلطفیہGentle, kind
LuthfiyaلطفیہGentle, kind
LizralaisلذرالیسThe one who is pure and chaste
LouqiyanaلوقیاناA woman with a radiant glow
LuthufiyaلطفیہGentle, kind
LizaHayatiلیزہ حیاتیMy life, my sweetheart
LutfunNisaلطف النساءKindness towards women
Lutfun-Nisaلطف النساءKindness towards women

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