Modern Punjabi Sikh Baby Girl Names 2023

As Punjabi, we constantly search for traditional modern Punjabi baby girl names that have a good meaning. We find these Sikh baby girl names in old scriptures and religious books, But according to the 21st century, now these names seem older.

That’s why we have brought some modern Punjabi girl names for you, both traditional and modern. You can choose any unique Sikh name for baby girls. You can also read our previous post on Sikh baby girl names starting with s.

Modern Punjabi baby girl names A to Z

  1. Amanjot: The light of peace or tranquility
  2. Anmol: Priceless or precious
  3. Baljit: Mighty or powerful
  4. Daljeet: Victory of the army or group
  5. Eknoor: The one divine light
  6. Gaganpreet: One who loves the sky or universe
  7. Harjit: Victory of God or victory of love
  8. Inderjit: Victory of Indra, the god of war and weather
  9. Jaspinder: One who is victorious like a king
  10. Kiranpreet: One who loves the ray of light
  11. Kuljit: One who wins the family or community
  12. Manjot: The light of the mind or soul
  13. Navjot: The new light or new direction
  14. Palwinder: Protector or guardian of the family
  15. Rajveer: Brave king or queen
  16. Ravneet: One who is absorbed in the Lord’s love
  17. Simarpreet: One who loves to remember God’s name
  18. Sukhjot: The light of peace or happiness
  19. Taranjit: One who wins over fear or ignorance
  20. Tejinderpal: Protector of the radiant and strong one.

Punjabi baby girl names 2023

  1. Charanpreet: One who loves to take shelter in God’s feet
  2. Dilraj: Queen of hearts
  3. Ekamjot: The one divine light
  4. Gurleen: One who is absorbed in Guru’s teachings
  5. Hargun: One who is virtuous like God
  6. Isha: The one who protects or saves
  7. Jagdeep: The light of the world or universe
  8. Kamaljeet: One who wins the lotus flower, a symbol of purity and enlightenment
  9. Karamjeet: One who has won God’s grace or blessings
  10. Khushpreet: One who loves happiness or joy
  11. Mandeep: Light of the mind or soul
  12. Navpreet: One who loves new beginnings or new directions
  13. Palak: Protector or guardian
  14. Paramjeet: One who attains the supreme victory or success
  15. Rupinder: One who is beautiful like gold
  16. Sarabjeet: One who wins everything or conquers all
  17. Satnam: The true name or true essence
  18. Shivpreet: One who loves God Shiva
  19. Tanveer: Radiant or enlightened one
  20. Tavleen: One who is absorbed in God’s love or direction.

Sikh girl names from Gurbani 2023

  1. Aman: Peace or tranquility
  2. Amrita: Nectar of the gods
  3. Anjali: Offering with devotion
  4. Avleen: Imbued in God’s absorption
  5. Gurbani: The Guru’s word or message
  6. Harleen: Beloved of God
  7. Jasleen: One who is absorbed in singing the praises of God
  8. Japleen: One who meditates on God’s name
  9. Kiran: Ray of light or sunbeam
  10. Manpreet: One who loves the mind of God
  11. Navleen: One who is absorbed in the nine forms of devotion
  12. Ravleen: One who is absorbed in the Lord’s love
  13. Simran: Remembrance or meditation on God’s name
  14. Sukhleen: One who is absorbed in peace and happiness
  15. Tejinder: Radiant and strong like a warrior
  16. Taranjeet: Victory over fear or ignorance
  17. Vaneet: Full of grace or humility
  18. Veeran: Brave or courageous
  19. Zorawar: Powerful or mighty warrior

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