Modern Tamil Girl Baby Names Starting With K

If you are looking for modern Tamil girl baby names starting with K, you have come to the right place. In this context, we have compiled 200+ unique K-letter names for girls in Tamil along with their English equivalents and meanings, let’s explore and find the perfect name for a Tamil baby girl.

Stylish Tamil girl baby names starting with K 2023

K Letter girl NameGirl names in Tamil With KMeaning
Kadambariகாதம்பரிClassic novel
Kajalகஜல்Kohl or eyeliner
KalaivaniகலைவாணிArtistic or creative
Kalaimagalகலைமகள்Artistic or creative daughter
KalaraniகலாராணிQueen of arts
KalavathiகலாவதிArtistic or creative
KaliகாளிGoddess Kali or black
KalikaகாளிகாA bud or a parrot
Kalyaniகல்யாணிAuspicious or blessed
Kamakshiகாமாட்சிGoddess of love
KamalaகமலாLotus flower
Kamalakshiகமலாட்சிGoddess with lotus-like eyes
KamaliகமலிFull of desires
Kamatchiகாமாட்சிGoddess of love
Kameshwariகாமேஸ்வரிGoddess of desire
Kandhalaகந்தளாA virgin or a river
KaniகணிSound or fruit
KanikaகனிகாSmall or delicate
Kanmaniகண்மணிPrecious or valuable
Kanthaகந்தாRadiant or bright
KapilaகபிலாName of a sage
Karthikaகார்த்திகாA star or a Hindu month
KashiகாசிHoly city of India
KashikaகாசிகாShining or sparkling
Kasturiகஸ்தூரிMusk or fragrance
Kausalyaகௌசல்யாMother of Lord Rama
KavithaகவிதாPoem or poetry
Kavyanjaliகாவ்யாஞ்ஜலிOffering of poetry

K letter names for girls in Tamil 2023

Keerthanaகீர்த்தனாHymn or a devotional song
Keerthiகீர்த்திFame or glory
KesariகேசரிSaffron-colored or lion
KethakiகேதகிFragrant flower
KhushiகுஷிHappiness or joy
Khwaishகுவைஷ்Desire or wish
KhyathiகியதிFamous or well-known
KiahகியாNew beginning or season
KianaகியானாGraceful or divine
KikiகிகிA pet name meaning “double happiness”
KimayaகிமயாDivine or magical
KimiகிமிA pet name meaning “sweetheart”
Kinjalகிஞ்ஜல்River bank or the sound of anklets
Kinneraகின்னேராMusical instrument or melody
Kinnariகின்னரிMythical creature or a musician
Kirtanaகீர்தனாDevotional song or hymn
Kirtiகீர்திFame or glory
KishoriகிஷோரிYoung girl or adolescent
KoushikaகௌஷிகாGoddess Durga or lightning
Kowsalyaகோவால்யாMother of Lord Rama
Krithiக்ரிதிCreation or composition
Krithikaகார்த்திகைA star or a Hindu month
Kritiக்ரிதிCreation or work of art
Kritikaகார்த்திகாA star or a Hindu month
Krittikaகார்த்திகைA star or a Hindu month
KrupaகிருபாBlessing or grace
Krutiக்ருதிCreation or work of art
Kshamaக்ஷமாForgiveness or patience
Kshitiக்ஷிதிEarth or nature
Kshipraக்ஷிப்ராFast or quick
Kshiraக்ஷீராMilk or the Milky Way
Kshitiகிஷ்திEarth or nature
Kshitijaக்ஷிதிஜாDaughter of the earth

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