487+ Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with Y with Meaning

Are you looking for Hindu baby boy names starting with Y? Follow our guidance on this journey. We understand how important it is to choose a meaningful name and promise to make your search easier.

In our Hindu boy names collection, explore names like Yash, meaning “fame” or “success”; Yuvan, meaning “young”; Yashwant, meaning “one who has achieved glory”; and Yogesh, meaning “lord of Yoga” or “lord Shiva”. Embrace the allure of more captivating options as you delve deeper into our compilation for your little one’s cherished identity.

Modern Hindu baby boy names starting with Y

YaachanPrayer; Entreaty
YaadavVariant of Yadav, Descendant of Yadu
YaadinderLord of Remembrance
YaadroopRemembering Form; Image
YaagavanLord Murugan; God of War
YaagnikA Religious Offering
YaajWorshipper; Devotee
YaajaLord Shiva
YaalchelvanKing of Soldiers
YaalmaniPrecious Gem
YaalvendanPrince of Soldiers
YaanGod’s Grace; Peace
YaaniRuler; King
YaarlarasanKing of Friends
YaarlmynthanBrave Friend
YaarlvaenthanKing of Friends
YaashvardhanOne who Grows in Fame
YaasuMoney; Wealth
YaathithOne who Travels
YaatieshLord of Devotees
YaatvikAlways Truthful
YaavanQuick; Swift
YachakHealer; One who Requests
YadabTo Care
YadagiriKing of Mountains
YadaiahGod Gift
YadakshAccepts Everything
YadanLeader; Prince
YadaspatiLord of Wealth
YadavDescendant of Yadu; Krishna’s Clan
YadavaprakasaBrightness of Yadav
YadavendraLord Krishna
YadavesvaraLord Krishna
YadavkumarSon of Yadu; Lord Krishna
YadawaDescendant of Yadu; Krishna’s Clan
YadevGodly; Divine
YadgarMemorable; Monumental
YadgiriKing of Mountains
YadhavDescendant of Yadu; Krishna’s Clan
YadhavanLord Krishna
YadhokshajaOne who Sits on a Water Lily
YadhuAn Ancient King
YadhuveerBrave Descendant of Yadu
YadishLord of Light
YadleenOne Absorbed in Remembrance
YadneshLord of Sacrifice; Fire God
YadnyaHoly Fire; Sacrifice
YadnyeshGod of Fire; Lord Vishnu
YaduAn Ancient King; Descendant of Yadu
YadubarOne who Wields Power
YadukrishnaLord Krishna
YadukumaraPrince of Yadu Clan
YadumaniBeloved Yadu; Lord Krishna
YadunandSon of Yadu; Lord Krishna
YadunandanSon of Yadu; Lord Krishna
YadunathLord Krishna; Lord of Yadus
YadurajKing of Yadus
YadushylaYadu’s Good Behavior
YadutamBest among Yadus
YaduveerHero of Yadu Clan
YaduvendraLord Krishna; King of Yadus
YaduvirHero of Yadu Clan
YaduviraHero of Yadu Clan
YadvahBranch of Yadu Clan
YadvedOne who Has Knowledge of Sacrificial Rituals
YadveerBrave Descendant of Yadu
YadvendraKing of Yadus
YadvikA Bough of Yadu
YadvinderLord of Yadus
YafiahOne who Forgives
YagappaYoung Man; Adolescent
YagnaSacrifice; Fire Ritual
YagnadipLamp of Sacrifice
YagnaishLord of Fire; Fire God
YagnakLord Vishnu
YagnakayaBody of Sacrifice; Lord Shiva
YagnangaPart of Sacrifice; Lord Shiva
YagnashLord of Sacrifice

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