1456+ Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with J with Meaning

Are you looking for Hindu baby boy names that start with the letter “J”? Come along with us on this lovely journey of naming your little bundle of joy.

We believe that finding the unique Hindu boy names starting with J is very important, and we’re here to make it easier for you. In our list, you’ll find wonderful Hindu boy names like Jay, which means “victory”; Jai, which also means “victory”; Jatin, which means “ascetic”; and Jeevan, which means “life”. Take a peek at our list for more delightful options to treasure for your little one.

Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with J

JaahnavRiver Ganga
JaaijitWinner of victory
JaanLife, Soul
JaapakWorshipper of God
JaayWin, Victory
JabaarMighty, brave
JabaliStrong as a rock
JabarConsoler, comforter
JabarrComforter, consoler
JabirComforter, Consoler
JackyForm of Jack
JacorianModern name
JadabendraKing of the world
JadabendraLord Krishna
JadadharLord Krishna
JadavVariant of Yadav
JadavjiWorshipper of God
JadhavDescendant of Yadu
JadhavOne who holds a position of power
JadreshLord of the Universe
JaelMountain Goat
JafarStream, River
JagThe universe, world
JagThe universe
JagUniverse, World
Jag JeevanLife of the world
Jag-JeevanLife of the World
JagaThe World
JagachandraMoon of the universe
JagachandraMoon in the universe
JagadUniverse, World
JagadanandJoy of the World
JagadatmaSoul of the universe
JagadayLord of the World
JagadayuLife spring of the universe
JagadayuLife in the universe
JagadayuOne who lives forever
JagadbanduFriend of the world
JagadbanduFriend of the universe
JagadbanduLord Krishna
JagadeepLight of the world
JagadeepLight of the universe
JagadeesLord of the world
JagadeesanLord of the universe
JagadeesanLord of the World
JagadeeshGod of the world
JagadeeshGod of the universe
JagadeeshLord of the universe
JagadeeswaranLord of the universe
JagadeshKing of the universe
JagadeshLord of the world
JagadeshaLord of the universe
JagadeshaLord of the world
JagadevGod of the universe
JagadevLord of the Universe
JagadguruGuru of the universe
JagadguruPreceptor of the world
JagadguruveGuru of the universe
JagadhidhKing of the world
JagadhidhOne who meditates on the universe
JagadhidhLord of the universe
JagadhishLord of the world
JagadhishLord of the universe
JagadipLight of the world
JagadipLight of the universe
JagadipLamp of the Universe
JagadisLord of the Universe
JagadishLord of the universe
JagadishRuler of the universe
JagadishLord of the world
JagadishaLord of the universe
JagadishaRuler of the world
JagadiswarGod of the World
JagajeetConqueror of the world
JagajeetConqueror of the universe
JagajeetaConqueror of the world
JagajeevLife of the world
JagajeevanLife of the world
JagajeevanLife of the Universe

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