Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with H with Meaning

Our collection of Hindu baby boy names starting with H includes names like Harsh, Hrishikesh, and Hemant, each with meanings. You can choose any modern Hindu boy names that start with H.

Unique Hindu baby boy names starting with H

HarikrishnaLord Krishna
HarikrishnanLord Krishna
HarilalSon of Hari (Lord Vishnu)
HarimarkatamarkataLord Shiva
HarinakshOne with eyes like a deer
HarinarayanLord Vishnu
HarinarayananLord Vishnu
HarinathLord Vishnu
HarinathaLord of deer
HarindraA tree which yields a fragrant resin
HarindranathLord of the deer
HarinithaAnother name for Lord Vishnu
HariomOmnipresent; Another name for Lord Vishnu
HaripeasadGift of Lord Vishnu
HaripindaBelonging to the Lord
HariprasadBlessed by Lord Vishnu
HaripreetBeloved of Lord Vishnu
HarirajKing of Lions
HariramLord Rama
HarisaiLord Krishna’s music
HarisankarLord Shiva and Lord Vishnu
HarisankaraLord Shiva and Lord Vishnu
HarishLord Krishna
HarishankarLord Shiva and Lord Vishnu
HarisharanSheltered by Lord Vishnu
HarishchandraKing Harishchandra
HarishearBeloved of Lord Vishnu
HarishthSon of Lord Vishnu
HarishvaOne who rides a green horse
HaritbaranGreen in color
HaritejaRadiant green light
HarithikBlessed with greenery
HarivanshBelonging to the family of Lord Vishnu
HarivilaasThe abode of Lord Vishnu
HarjasPraise of the Lord
HarjeetConqueror of the Lord
HarjeevanOne who lives a righteous life
HarjitVictory of the Lord
HarkeshGod of Shiva
HarkishanLord Krishna
HarkrishnaLord Krishna
HarmendraMoon of the Lord
HarmeshLord Shiva
HarminThe one who carries the Lord
HarnishLord of deer
HarooranLord Shiva
HarpitOne who is dedicated to the Lord
HarpreetLove for the Lord
HarpritLove for the Lord
HarreyArmy ruler
HarryArmy ruler
HarsahJoy of the Lord
HarsalLover of joy
HarshJoy; Delight
Harsh VeerBrave in happiness
HarshadOne who gives joy
HarshalOne who brings joy
HarshamanDelighting in happiness
HarshanandJoy of happiness
HarshavardanOne who gives joy
HarshavardanaDelighting in joy
HarshavardhanOne who brings joy
HarshayanDelighting in joy
HarshdaGiver of joy
HarshdeepLamp of joy
HarshiddhOne who attains joy
HarshilOne who spreads joy
HarshimFull of joy
HarshitHappy; Joyful

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