Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with C with Meaning

Explore our collection, including names like Chaitanya, Chandra, and Chandan, each holding unique meanings. Whether you lean towards classic or modern choices, our list provides a diverse selection for your little one.

Modern Hindu baby Boy names starting with C

CariappaA respectable man
CarshavardhanOne who enhances prosperity
CaturasvaPossessing four horses
CedijaBorn of the intellect
CekitanaHaving a bright appearance
CetramaHaving a resolute mind
ChaaduryanA mighty warrior
ChaanakyaThe ancient Indian philosopher and strategist
ChaantanuFather of Bhishma in the Mahabharata
ChaaruchandraBeautiful moon
ChaarudattBorn of beauty
ChaaruhaasWith a beautiful smile
ChaarvikA person with a beautiful body
ChadaPure, innocent
ChadrashekharLord Shiva with the moon on his head
ChaeralathanBrave like a lion
ChagantiA holy place in India
ChagganThe moon
ChahelGood cheer
ChailishLord Shiva
ChaisaranLord Shiva
ChaitanPerceptive, intelligent
ChaitanyaConsciousness, life force
ChakorA bird enamored of the moon
ChakrabortyOne who rules the wheel (of time)
ChakradevLord Vishnu
ChakradharOne who holds the discus (Vishnu)
ChakradhwajOne with a flag like the wheel
ChakrapaaniHolder of the discus (Vishnu)
ChakrapaniAnother name for Lord Vishnu
ChakravarteeSovereign ruler
ChakreshLord Vishnu
ChakriA name of Lord Vishnu
ChakshanSeeing, perceiving
ChalanMoving, active
ChalapakaA city in Andhra Pradesh
ChalapathiA name for Lord Vishnu
ChampakA type of flower
ChampakaA flower
ChamuThe moon
ChamundraiGoddess Chamundi
ChanaakyaAnother name for Chanakya, the strategist
ChanakAncient scholar and teacher
ChanakyaAncient Indian teacher and philosopher
ChanchalRestless, playful
ChanchalpreetPlayful love
ChanchareekLovely and charming
ChandThe moon
ChandakA person who spreads light
ChandakaThe moon
ChandanwantScented sandalwood
ChandarThe moon
ChandarmouliLord Shiva with the moon on his head
ChandarshekaraLord Shiva with the moon on his head
ChandavadanMoonlit face
ChandavarmanProtected by the moon
ChandeedaasServant of the moon
ChanderThe moon
Chander RajKing of the moon
ChandidasDevotee of the moon

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